Most users who want to have a good time choose card games. Blackjack is a simple game and has easy to understand rules. Compared with other games, this one offers real possibilities of obtaining interesting profits. For this reason it is important to know how to play blackjack and how to win blackjack. In this article we explain the 6 differences American and European blackjack.

There are two ways to play 21 (it is as it is popularly known).

1. Video Blackjack: it is played online and the computer randomly generates cards.
2. Live Blackjack: It is played online and the dealer is in charge of shuffling and dealing the cards. It is done manually and live.

Before starting to play we recommend that you read the article “Basic Blackjack Strategy“. A complete article that will allow you to get to know the game in depth, how blackjack is played and its rules. But most importantly, you will know how to win at blackjack.

6 differences American and European blackjack

1. Playing cards

American modality, the dealer deals two cards: one uncovered and the other covered. In the event that the value of the discovered card is an Ace or K, Q, J, 10, the chances of having Blackjack are high. The dealer will check the value of your covered card before the players start their game. If he has 21 points, he will show the cards and the game will end without giving players the opportunity to play his hand.

One of the points in favor of  American version is that the advantage of the casino is less. That means the player has a better chance of winning.

European modality, the dealer deals each player a card. Once all the players at the table have played, the dealer deals his second card. This feature gives the dealer a clear advantage over the players. This is the basic difference between both Blackjack. This rule is known as European No Hole Card.

2. Payment method

Another difference between both modalities is the payment method when Blackjack is achieved. In the European modality the payment of the money is made when the dealer has already played his game. On the other hand, the form of payment in the American version is completely different. In the event the player lands Blackjack and if the dealer has an Ace, the player is offered a deal. You can choose to win the prize at a 1: 1 ratio or wait for the dealer to play your hand. In the event that you do not Blackjack, the prize for the player will be 3: 2.

3. Bet double and divide

In European blackjack players can double if their hand is 9 points or higher. However, in the American version this rule does not exist. You can double the bet with any number.

European version it is allowed to divide the cards only once. As long as you have a K, Q, or J. However, American Blackjack allows up to 3 divisions. So up to 4 games can be played simultaneously.

4. Number of decks

American version, 6 to 8 standard decks are used. However, European Blackjack only uses 2 decks.

5. Surrender

American blackjack, users are allowed to surrender at any time. If a player considers that he does not have a good hand, he can choose this option. And the bank returns 50% of your initial bet. In contrast, the European version does not allow surrender.

6. Where is it played

In Europe and Asia the European modality is used, despite the fact that there is a casino that also allows playing the American model. In contrast, in the United States you can only play American Blackjack. Online, both American and European Blackjack can be played. Although the American version is more common.