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Multi-hand blackjack: rules and strategy


In the variety is the taste and in this case the game. Never before have 21 points been such a game. And there are countless variants of blackjack. The vendors have seen a fantastic outlet to satisfy the interests of the players so that curiosity in the game does not wane. If you enter our Blackjack section you will find some of the different Blackjack options. In today’s article, we are going to explain what multi-hand blackjack is, rules and strategy.

Multi-hand blackjack: rules and strategy

The first thing the player should know is that there are no abysmal differences between Multi-hand Blackjack and traditional Blackjack. Both games are governed by the same rules. However, there is something that makes it a unique game. Multi-hand Blackjack allows you to play more than one hand per game. To be specific, up to five simultaneous hands are allowed to play, making it an ideal game for players.

Currently Multi-hand Blackjack is one of the preferred options for users who choose online gaming. The popularity of it has grown exponentially in recent years to become a benchmark. This variant is available in different online casinos from the beginning. Currently, there are on-site casinos that allow this option, as long as there are not too many people at the table.


In reality the rules of the Multimanos are the same as the traditional game. However, it does not hurt to make a brief review.

  • The main objective of blackjack is to win the bank by getting a hand higher than yours, but without going over 21 points. In the event that the player scores more than 21 points, the hand is terminated and the dealer automatically wins, regardless of his score. Thus the user can win by getting a Blakcjack or a lower number, but higher than that of the dealer.
  • The score of the cards in this modality is the same as in the traditional game. Thus the cards between 2 and 9 have their face value. For its part, the 10 and the figures (J, Q, K) are worth ten points. The Ace can be worth 1 point or 11 points.
  • Six or eight decks of cards are used.
  • The dealer is not allowed to stand with a hand of less than 17 points. If your hand is inferior, you must always ask for a card, even if it means losing the game. This rule is of vital importance for the player, since it allows him to have an advantage over the game. The dealer deals one card face up and the other card face down.

What differentiates it from the traditional game?

As we said previously, Multi-hand Blackjack allows up to five hands to be played simultaneously. It is necessary to emphasize that each hand is independent from the others. That is, the player can choose five hands, win three and lose two. You do not have to win all five hands to win.

In online gaming, the user must decide in advance which hands they want to play. Up to 5 games are allowed per hand. Perhaps one of the most important things to consider in Multimano Blackjack is the value of the bet. The bet is independent on each hand. The player can say to bet one hand a higher number and in the next hand to make a lower bet. Another fact is played from right to left.

As you can imagine online, card counting is impossible. It is a card generator that distributes luck. The cards are mixed virtually and there is no chance of scam. In person it is not allowed. If they find out, they kick you out of the casino and instead tell Ben Affleck.

The player, based on his budget, determines the value of the bets. However, online the minimum required is lower than in traditional casino tables.

In Multimano Blackjack it is allowed to divide the game in the event that there are two equal cards. It can be divided up to three times. In the case of being an Ace, it is only allowed to divide a single time. It is also allowed to ask for insurance if the dealer has dealt an Ace.

Game popularity

In recent years, Multimano Blackjack has emerged as one of the highest-rated games among users. And it’s popular because of the possibility of playing more than one hand at a time. Since it allows the user to play in a safer and longer way. Despite the fact that the game is fast, the player has the possibility to calculate and devise the best strategy to follow. And that allows for five simultaneous hands. The strategy to follow traces the player. And it can be modified and adapted at any time. You can decide an aggressive hand, in which you take a risk and instead, in the next, choose a more cautious hand.

Enjoy Multimano Blackjack. Play demo version here.