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Perfect Blackjack: Rules and Strategy

May 4, 2020
Perfect Blackjack: Rules and Strategy

Perfect Blackjack: Rules and Strategy. Blackjack is a very popular game among players. There is no self-respecting casino that does not have a Blackjack game to delight its users. And the popularity of the game is such that Playtech, one of the best software providers in the world, has created an unbeatable version of the classic Blackjack, Perfect Blackjack. The Perfect Blakcjack adds to the traditional game options with multiple and additional bets that make this variant a very interesting and strategic game. In the article we describe the Perfect Blackjack: rules and strategy. Before playing we recommend that you read the article Blackjack strategy and basic rules.

Perfect Blackjack: Rules and Strategy

Before breaking down the rules and strategies of Perfect Blackjack, it is necessary that the user knows one of the most surprising data of this variable, and that is that in Perfect Blackjack it has a payout return of up to 99.58%. This percentage makes the player’s advantage infinitely higher than in other variants and the chances of winning are high. In order to achieve such a high payment percentage, it is essential to know the strategy and make good use of it.

As in the traditional game of Blackjack the main objective of this variant is to get blackjack or at least try to get as close as possible to this figure. And of course, not exceed 21 points. Perfect Blackjack is played with six decks and the player can bet on up to five different hands within the same game. The fact of being able to bet on up to five different hands makes the odds of winning higher.



One of the incentives of this variant is the value of the bets. And it is that players can bet between 10 cents and up to 100 euros in each of the hands they play. It is true that the value can be very considerable, but it must be remembered that the limit is always set by the player.

This variant of Blackjack allows you to order insurance. An option to shield the bet in case the dealer has blackjack. Charlie 10 card game allowed. This option allows the player to reach 21 points with 10 cards. If the player gets 21 points, he automatically wins the game, except if the dealer gets a blackjack.

Perfect Blackjack: Rules and Strategy


perfect blackjack strategy


Perfect Blackjack: Rules and Strategy- payments. Regarding the payment methods, if it is a general hand, 1: 1 is paid; in the case that the player has asked for insurance 2: 1, and if he gets blackjack: 3: 2. However, the main feature that makes this blackjack variant a fast-paced, exciting and fun game is the additional bets. In this way, you can win up to 25 times the initial bet. In Perfect Blackjack there are three additional types of bets:

  • Perfect Pair that pays 25: 1. To get a Perfect Pair it is necessary to form a pair of the same suit with the first two cards. For example: two 4 of diamonds or two 7 of clubs.
  • Color Pair paid 12: 1. If you get a Color Pair it is because you will have two cards of two different suits but of the same color. For example: a six of diamonds and a six of hearts or a two of spades and a two of hearts.
  • Red or black pair that pays 6: 1. You get a Pair of red or black if you get a pair. In this case the color and the suit do not matter. For example: a four of hearts and a four of clovers.

If you want to try the trial version of Perfect Blackjack you can do it here.

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