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Which casino game are you most likely to win?

¿Qué juego de casino tiene más probabilidades de ganar? Which casino game are you most likely to win?

Which casino game are you most likely to win? The best kept secret of gambling revealed in Secret Casino Tips. Very precious information sought after by players from all over the world. If you have just landed in the exciting world of casino games and don’t know what to bet on, we recommend that you continue reading the article. And if you are already a veteran, this information is sure to interest you too.

The bank always wins… or not

Which casino game are you most likely to win? Before revealing one of the biggest enigmas in recent history, it is necessary to remember that games of chance must be understood as a form of entertainment. It is important to emphasize that betting houses or casinos are lucrative companies. And as lucrative companies, their main objective is to make money.

“The bank always wins.” It is an accurate phrase that is true on most occasions and fighting against it is difficult, but not impossible. There are many winners who have won succulent prizes both in roulette, blackjack and of course, in slot games thanks to the jackpots.

“The house has the advantage.” It is true that the house always starts with an advantage and the player with a disadvantage. This is because the alignment between the profit offered and the probabilities of obtaining it are unequal. Thus, it is the player who bears the risk in each bet and not the house.

Players who won big prizes

Which casino game are you most likely to win?

Before continuing reading “Which casino game is most likely to win?… you, what do you think it is? Roulette? Blacjack? Slots? Bingo? Live games?”


Which casino game are you most likely to win? Black Jack. Blackjack is the casino game that is most likely to win. The chances are 50%. That is, a player has the same chance of winning as of losing. And this applies to both physical games and online games.

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The most wanted blackjack games in online casinos

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🥈 Blackjack Switch and its greater flexibility ✪ in Sportium.
🥉 Back Blackjack and your side bets ✪ in JOKERBET.
LeoVegas Blackjack and its Evolution technology ✪ in 888.

Where to find the best Blackjack games

  • ✅ Best app with blackjack: Sportium
  • 🎡 High Limit Blackjack: 888
  • 🆕 Playtech Blackjack: Sportium
  • 💳 Golden Rock Studios Blackjack: JOKERBET


Roulette is one of the most popular classic games in physical and online casinos. A truly complex system created in 1645 by Blaise Pascal. Four centuries later, roulette has not changed its essence and continues to be one of the most complex machines on a mathematical and probabilistic level.

Which casino game are you most likely to win? Second is roulette. The odds of winning at roulette are almost 50%, as long as you place a bet on a color, on even/odd, or on the middle of the table. It is not 50/50 because you have to take into account the number 0 or the double 00.

¿Qué número tiene más posibilidades de salir en la ruleta? What number has the best chance of appearing in roulette?
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Types of bets according to percentage

Betting on a specific number

The probability is very low, just 2.7% – taking European roulette as a reference.

Probability: 2.7%
Prize: 35-1

Bets on a color, odd/even, or half of the table

Bet on colors – red or black–, or even or odd. In addition, you can also bet on the numbers 1-18 or 19-37. In all cases your chances of winning are 48.6%, and if you are right, you will double your bet. That is, if you bet 10 dollars, you will win 20.

Probability: 48.6%
Prize: 1-1

Betting on a group of three numbers

Bet on groups of three numbers. The technical terms are vertical, horizontal or cross street bets. The probability of winning with this type of bet is 8.1%, and the prize is 11 times the amount bet. Professional bettors tend to choose it frequently.

Probability: 8.1%
Prize: 11-1

5 Bets on a group of four numbers

Place the pieces at the vertex that joins its four squares. The chances of winning are 10.8%, while the prize obtained will be 8 times the amount bet. The chances of winning this bet are relatively low.

Probability: 10.8%
Prize: 8-1

Column or dozens bets

Bet on ‘columns’ or on ‘dozens’. The dozens are 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36, while the columns are defined based on the numbers aligned lengthwise in the table. The chances of success are around 32.4%.

Probability: 32.4%
Prize: 2x


Which casino game are you most likely to win? Third are the dice. It is curious because the majority of players do not bet on this game and according to statistics it is the second most likely to obtain a profit. According to statistics, the basic bet is 50/50.

If you play dice you will also have a better chance of winning. In this case, the basic bet is 50/50 and is paid based on the amount bet. According to Forbes, the house edge is just over 1.4%, but if you bet on specific numbers, the edge is much higher.

Which casino game are you most likely to win?
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Which casino game are you most likely to win? Now you know, blackjack, roulette and craps.

Which casino game are you most likely to win? Which one did you think it was?

Which casino game are you most likely to win? What is your favorite?