You have to play to have fun and have a good time. If you manage to get some money on top, great. The problem comes when the game becomes an obsession for the player. The game creates addiction and is very addictive. So if you are a person with a certain tendency to add, please, never play. We show you Know the 10 signs denoting gambling addiction. The game creates addiction and is very addictive. This disease increasingly affects younger people.

recently read in an article that “Gambling addicts stimulate the brain’s reward systems just like drugs or alcohol do.” It is difficult to determine how many people this disease affects in Spain. What is known is that this disease affects younger people every time. In the past it was said that gambling was a thing of the old men who played slot machines. It is necessary to be aware of the risks involved in the game, the need to know how to say “I don’t play anymore” and to know how to stop on time. And when it is necessary to ask for help.

Knowing these 10 signs that denote gambling addiction can help us or a friend. The sooner we are able to identify them, the less the problem will be and the sooner we can put a solution. The American Psychiatric Association.  determined a number of common symptoms and common behaviors that gamblers have.


10 signs denoting gambling addiction


1. No control over money

In other articles we have stressed the need to have a fixed budget and stick to it. One of the signs that something is wrong is having no control over the money being played. Regardless of whether your budget is large or not, please play around and keep a cool head. It is not a matter of losing money for a few days and considering that you are in a bad way. But not being able to say this far I have come and I don’t play anymore.

2. Anxiety and stress

One of the first signs to watch out for is the anxiety and stress that the game plays in our lives. In general, gamblers tend to over-express their anxiety about losing money and the stress caused by the gaming environment.

3. Need to recover losses

Another alarming sign is when a player becomes obsessive and all he sees is the need to get his money back. They enter an explosive whirlpool of losses. Every time they bet more money and getting it back becomes impossible. All they do is lose more money and increase their frustration.

4. Scheduled game

Gamblers become very angry when they are unable to play their game in their normal time. It is no other time than each day. In the end they create a game habit, something like a hobby (taking distances into account). The fact of not being able to play due to having to do something else frustrates them in the same way that it infuriates them and they can lose control.

5. Not having self-control of the game

Sometimes game addicted players have some lucid moment. Moments in which they reason and realize the need to stop and not continue playing. However, there is something inside that prevents them from doing so. They will always say that it is the last game and go home or turn off the computer. Finally they do not fulfill it, and the games continue happening. Another alarming sign to watch out for.

6. The game will solve your financial problems

Another problem that addiction causes is thinking that gambling will solve economic problems. Some players believe that the only way to win is to bet, bet and keep betting. It is then when the player establishes a game strategy and counts the games that he needs to win to face the payments.

In the article “Decalogue of the good player we explain that “You should only play if you can afford to lose the money you want to play with”.

7. Steal

When the addiction is maximum and money is no longer available, the player will look for other alternatives to obtain it. It will steal from your closest environment. The problem is enlarged if you usurp another person’s identity. For example: casinos offer welcome bonuses for new players. Any player who has ever played in the casino knows that. It will add another problem to the list, and that is that using the identity of another person is a crime.

8. Hide the problem

As we said at the beginning of the article, gambling addiction involves explaining lies. The first lie is to deny that there is a problem. The gamblers deny by active and passive that they have a problem with the game and that they are able to solve them by themselves. In front of family or friends they will represent that everything is controlled, but they know that this is not the case.

9. No words

It is closely related to the previous point. They refuse to accept that they have a problem with the game. And it will be impossible for them to talk about the lost money. In the end if pressed, they walk away.

10. Borrow money

At best, they will borrow money from close family or friends. They never explain that they need it to gamble. They will explain a lie for you to lend it to them.

In the worst case, they will ask the bank for a loan. Not to traditional banks, you have to present infinite documentation to be granted money. But these emerging banks that lend you some money, a small amount, without asking questions. There the problem is duplicated. The interests of these types of entities are very high and returning the money can be a real headache.


From Secret Casino Tips we have explained the 10 signs that denote gambling addiction. If you think that you or someone you know is in this situation, please help yourself or help him. There are help centers for gambling patients with professional treatments to overcome this addiction.