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6 tricks to win the lottery

May 5, 2020
6 trucos para ganar a la lotería

Million of people around the world regularly bet on the lottery. Only a few are lucky enough to win a prize. Most bettors consistently lose over and over again. Some believe that winning the lottery is a matter of luck, however, for Richard Lusting no. This American has won over a million dollars and has 6 foolproof tricks to win the lottery.

During his life, he died in 2018, he won 23 prizes of more than 600 euros and a prize of $ 842,000. Learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery (2014) is the book written by Lusting where he explains in detail how to get it. His first prize was won in 1992 and from his fourth prize was when he decided to find matches and game patterns that made him win. 

libro Aprende cómo incrementar tus posibilidades de ganar a la lotería


6 tricks to win the lottery

1. Play, play and… play

To have a better chance of winning you need to play more. This statement is quite obvious, the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to find the winner. Buy 10 tickets instead of one, as this increases the odds. However, Lusting advises that it is necessary to keep track of the money you earn and lose. And it’s even more important to stick to a budget and stick to it. Nor do you have to use the money from basic necessities to play the lottery.

2. Correct numbers

The choice of numbers is essential to hit and win the lottery. It doesn’t matter how long you take in choosing these. Don’t pick numbers in a rush. Think carefully before making that decision, it is transcendental. One of the tips this lucky American also offers is not to let the store’s computer program decide the numbers for you. When you choose this option, the odds of winning decrease considerably.

3. Play always the same numbers

To win the lottery it is important to always play the same numbers, since the chances of them coming out are greater. As we said in the previous point, take your time to decide what they are, do not choose the numbers in a rush. There are many stories of players who decided to change the numbers after many years and their combination came out. Also, it is important not to choose consecutive numbers, that are not part of the same ten or that end with the same digit. And as a last trick, flee from the numbers that have already been awarded previously.

4. Play in group

It is common among coworkers, gym, longtime friends or family to make a common bet. It is true that if you win, the money you receive is less, however, the outlay is also less.

5. Betting on less popular games

Another of the tips or tricks that Lusting offers is to bet on less popular games, since as fewer people participate, the odds of winning increase. He also stresses that it is not good to play games in which only a bettor can win the prize, since the odds that you are the winner are minimal.

6. No jackpots

It happens a bit like in the previous point, the millionaire jackpots usually attract many players with the desire to win. Obviously, the competition increases and with it, the chances of winning.

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