Do you want to know what are the best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia? Which operators have no deposit bonuses? Are these bonuses safe and are they legal? How can you use these no deposit bonuses? Below we explain where you can find the best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia.

Best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia


luckia logoLuckia has an interesting panel of free bonuses for all its players. In order to access them, you need to follow their social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is on their social networks where you can find out about the news about the no-deposit bonuses that they have. We do not specify any in particular because they change weekly. What we can tell you is that every week ten lucky people can get hold of one of them. Best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia- LUCKIA.


Betplay logoBetplay friends have an extensive list of promotions for their regular and most loyal players as well as for those new players who register. Likewise, they also have a no deposit bonus so that their bettors can have no deposit bonuses and play without having to invest their money. In this case, they can get a bonus that can only be used on the “Pagamonedas Plus” and “Mesas Plus” reels. To access them it is necessary to visit the Casino section of BetPlay. A condition of the bonus is that it is valid for five days from its acceptance. Best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia- BETPLAY


betsson logoThe most international Swedish operator Betsson has an interesting no-deposit bonus especially for roulette lovers. It’s as easy as registering and getting 25 free spins. 25 free spins to enjoy the excitement and entertainment of roulette, specifically the Super 7s game. However, if you accept it you have to be quick because the validity is only five days. To learn more about the bonus, we recommend that you read its clauses carefully. Best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia- BETSSON.

William Hill


Another of the best no deposit bonuses at online casinos in Colombia is offered by William Hill. One of the oldest operators in the world, William Hill, does not have any no deposit bonus for casino games, however, they do have a specific one for sports betting. We know it’s not what you expected, neither are we, but it’s something, right? If you like sports betting, don’t let it lose. The conditions of the bonus can be found on the William Hill website. Best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia- WILLIAM HILL.


codere-logoThe international operator Codere has great bonuses in general and a no deposit bonus in particular. It is true that it focuses mainly on bonuses for sporting events, however, I am sure that it may interest you. Absolute fun with Bonus Train Bandits. To make use of this promotion it is necessary to register and accept the five daily free bonuses that they offer. Simple and fast. You can make use during the days that this promotion lasts. Normally Codere has no deposit bonus promotions. We recommend that you enter our website to find out what promotions are available. Best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia- CODERE.

General conditions of the bonuses:

Now you know what are the best no deposit bonuses in online casinos in Colombia. At a general level these are the general conditions of the bonds. However, each casino has its own terms and conditions and it is necessary to read and understand them before accepting a bonus. If the conditions or terms of the bonuses are not clear to you, you have two options: do not accept them or contact the casino’s customer service and clarify any doubts.

It is important to note that casino offers and promotions may change over time, so it is advisable to check the conditions before registering and playing. It is also important to make sure that the chosen casino is licensed and regulated to operate in Colombia. When choosing a casino, make sure that it bears the Coljuegos seal.

  • One bonus is awarded per person and casino. The casinos have the user’s information as well as the bank account or credit card. We advise you not to try your luck and create fake accounts because they will close your account and keep your money for breaking the rules.
  • The data you provide must always be real. It is related to the previous point. The casino always verifies the user’s identity when awarding a prize. They require the identity document.
  • Withdrawal of bonuses cannot be done immediately. This requires completing the bonus requirements multiple times. Read the terms and conditions carefully. Imagine that they offer you a bonus of 100 euros and the wagering requirements are 20. That means that you will have to bet 2,000 euros in total.
  • Casinos do not allow the bonus to be used on all of their games. Some games are excluded from the bonuses. So do your research before choosing a game.

What is a casino bonus and what types of bonuses are the most common?

The casino bonus is money that the casino offers its players to play in the casino. It is a bonus that you get when you open an account, bring in new customers, make a deposit or reward loyal users.

Bonuses typology

  1. Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the most common in the online casino. It is a gift in the form of a bonus that the online casino offers to new users for registering. These types of bonuses are a way to attract new users so that they sign up, get to know the casino and can play for free.

Welcome bonuses are a great way to start playing casino without risking too much. However, if you consider it appropriate, and you have any doubts, you can reject it. If the terms and conditions or the bonus do not convince you, do not use it.

  • It is the most popular and usual bonus in the world of online gambling.
  • On a quantitative level they are usually quite generous.
  • It is received only once when registering for the first time.
  • In most casinos it is necessary to make a first deposit in order to obtain it. However, there are casinos that allow you to use the bonus without having to make a deposit.
What to keep in mind when choosing a welcome bonus:
  • The percentage of the bonus and the maximum amount. Find out the bonus percentage offered by different online casinos. It is also interesting that you know the maximum amount of the bonus when making the first deposit.
  • Terms and Conditions. Be aware of the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus if you do not want to be scared.
  • Find out if the bonus is valid for all games. Sometimes casinos restrict certain games.
  1. No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are bonuses that the casino offers to new users to play and bet completely free of charge. The user does not have to make any real money deposits in order to benefit from the bonus.

  • These types of bonuses are not offered by all casinos.
  • The new user can get to know the casino, bet and play without risking his own money.
  • There are 4 types of no deposit bonuses: free games, free spins, cashback bonus and limited time bonuses.
  • Maximum withdrawal limit.
  • It is very important to read the terms and conditions of the same.

Some requirements of no deposit bonuses

  • Minimum number of plays. Sometimes casinos will require the user to play a certain number of games before being able to use the money won.
  • Make a subsequent payment. Some casinos require you to make a deposit in order to clear the no deposit bonus.
  • Maximum withdrawal limit. Some casinos have a maximum withdrawal limit. This means that if the maximum is 200 euros and you win 500 euros, you can only withdraw 200 and the rest is lost.
  • Time restriction to withdraw money. Some casinos determine a time period to withdraw the money obtained thanks to the no deposit bonus. If the player is inattentive or unaware, the money disappears from the account.
  • Even if you claim it, they will not return it to you.
  1. Loyalty bonus

As its name indicates, the loyalty bonus is a type of bonus that is offered to casino users for their loyalty and fidelity. Normally this type of bonus is awarded to VIP players.

For a few years online casinos have used this type of marketing strategy to build loyalty and thank their customers for their loyalty and permanence. The goal of any casino is to attract as many players as possible. For this, different marketing campaigns are carried out. However, it is not enough to attract new players. It is far more important that these players are happy and satisfied and decide to gamble and play again. The casino must show that its customers matter to them, and for this they create this type of bonus.

  • Casino rewards the loyalty, fidelity and permanence of its customers.
  • It is awarded to regular players or players who wager considerable money.
  • They offer special discounts and bonuses.
  • Casinos do not always specify what these loyalty bonuses consist of.
To consider:

As we always tell you at Secret Casino Tips, read the terms and conditions of the loyalty bonus carefully. In principle, these are not usually as inflexible and rigorous as the welcome bonuses. After all, these bonuses are awarded as a reward for customer loyalty and permanence. The last thing a casino wants is for one of their VIP customers to be unhappy and decide to move on to another casino.

And finally and as always, determine if it is worth using this type of bonus before taking it.

  1. Bonus friend

As its name indicates, this type of bonus arises in gratitude to users for recommending a casino. Casinos reward users and people you invite to play the casino with money. In most if not all casinos, the bonus is released when the person who has been invited to the casino makes their first deposit. It is not enough that the friend registers in the casino, the important thing is that he makes a minimum deposit of money.

It is a form of marketing widely used by casinos to attract a new audience without too much effort, since the benefit they will get for it is higher than the bonus they give away.

How to get the bonus to invite friends:
  1. Enter the casino account and access the promotions section.
  2. Click on the “invite a friend” (or similar) box
  3. Fill in the fields: friend’s name, email, etc.
  4. The friend will receive a link to register at the casino. It is the way that casinos know through whom this new user arrives.
  5. The referred person must make a first deposit.
  6. You both have the bonus to be able to play the casino.
Things to keep in mind:
  • Read the terms and conditions of the bonus to a friend. As we always say at Secret Casino Tips it is essential to understand the bonus clauses.
  • Casinos limit the amount of referral bonuses.
  • The bonus for inviting friends is usually not too high. However, it is a free bonus and if you make good use of it, you can get a clear return.
  • Remember that the person you invite cannot have an account at the casino. If you happen to have an account but have never made a deposit, you are not considered a new customer..


  1. High Roller Bonus

When we talk about High Rollers we refer to players who place big money bets. Casinos are aware that more attention must be paid to this type of customer and for this they have created special bonuses. To be able to access this type of bonuses it is necessary to meet certain criteria. In these cases, it is the casino that contacts the player to offer them this type of bonus.

  • Players who make large investments.
  • Special bonuses for very special players.
  • Best bonuses for clients.

As always, do not forget to read the terms and conditions section if you do not want to be scared. Although it must be said that this type of bonds does not have as many use clauses as others. Since they are awarded to large investors, and casinos do not want to lose players who deposit large amounts of money in their casino.

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