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Brisca rules and how to play briscola

Reglas de la brisca y c├│mo jugar a la brisca

It is possible that if you are a Millennial, from Generation Z, baby boomers,… you have never heard of the brisca. However, it is one of the best-known traditional games in Spain. Surely your grandparents, and quite possibly your parents, know what it is and have played on more than one occasion. If you want to surprise them and play a game with them, we recommend that you continue reading. Learn briscola rules and how to play briscola board game.

What is brisca card game?

Briscola is a popular card game in Spain. It is not known for sure who invented it, but there are data from the 18th century that place it in France. In France in 1712 there was a popular game where only 32 cards were used. One of the players who popularized that game was called Brusquembille. Hence the name. When it was introduced in Spain they decided to call it brisca. Obviously the game is different from the original, although they do have some similarities.

In Spain briscola is played with the traditional deck of 40 cards and four suits (golds, cups, clubs and swords). The most common is that four players play, although two, three or six players can also play. In the event that there are six players, 8 cards are added to the 40.

Objective of the game

The objective of the briscola game is to get more points than your opponents, just like in any other traditional board game. This is achieved by obtaining better results in each round and game.

Reglas de la brisca y desarrollo del juego

What are the brisca rules? Briscola rules and how to play briscola are relatively simple and easy to understand. It is important to emphasize that there is no single way to play in Spain. Depending on the region, there may be variations. We warn you because we are aware of the controversy that this can arise. Moreover, it is possible that in one town it is played in a certain way and in the next town it has slightly different rules. So before playing, it is essential to make the briscola rules clear.

The game starts with a deck of 40 cards, as long as there are two to four players. One of them shuffles the cards and deals three cards to each player. The deck is then placed in the middle of the table and a card is picked up and placed face up. The suit (Gold, Cups, Wands or Swords) that comes out is the one that dominates the game. It is also known as triumph.

The player who is sitting to the right of the person who has dealt the cards starts the game. Later he throws on the table each player in order a card. Each of them will pick up a card again, stealing first whoever takes the previous hand. They must always have three cards, until the deck runs out. That is, if four players play, 13 games are played.

Before starting the game, the players must be clear about the briscola rules. The number of games has to be decided in advance. The most common is to play between six and 10 games. Whoever gets the most games wins the game.

How to win brisca?

The total points, the sum of the four suits, are 120. So whoever gets at least 61 points wins. It is true that if you have cards with value it is easier. It is also important to have a good strategy, experience and memory.

Who takes the hand?

  • In the event that the cards are of the same suit, the card with the highest value wins. If neither score, the highest card wins again.
  • If they are of different suits, send the card that was thrown first. In other words, if the player started the play with Bastos, he would win the basto with the highest score.
  • In the event that the cards are of different suits but one of them is trump, he wins the trump.
  • If one or more cards are the same suit, he wins the highest ranked card.

Additional rules

It is important to determine the rules before you start playing to avoid possible misunderstandings. Learn the rules of briscola and how to play briscola

  • In some regions each game is dominated by one suit. That is, the first game goes to Pentacles, the second to Cups, the third to Wands and the fourth to Swords. And start again.
  • Also in some places they allow your teammate to see the cards you have been dealt.
  • The seven and the two are “wild” cards. We call them wildcards, even though they really aren’t. We mean that if when picking up the card that indicates the suit it is a figure and a player has a seven, he can change his card for the one on the table. The same can be done with the number 2. You can change 7 for 2. What you can’t do is change a figure for a two. It is allowed to make the change after winning a trick and before taking a new card.
  • If a player has in his possession the three cards with the highest score (ACE, the 3, King) he can reveal them and end the game.
  • I drag. The player can decide to make a drag and force his opponents to fold the highest value card of the same suit. Obviously it has to be the Ace of the suit that is played.

How much are the cards in Brisca worth?

We have explained the basic rules of the briscola game, but the most important thing is missing… Discover the value of the cards (from highest to lowest). As in other traditional Spanish games, the number three has a very special value.

How are Brisca points counted?

  • AS- 11 points
  • 3- 10 points
  • Rey: points
  • Caballo: points
  • Sota: points
  • 2, 4, 5, 6, 7: 0 points

Distribution of cards

How do you decide who starts dealing? Very simple, a card is dealt to each player and the highest card is the one that wins. The person in charge of starting the briscola game and starting the distribution of cards.

As we have said before, and after knowing who will be in charge of distributing the first game, the game starts. One of the players will deal one by one three cards to each player. The order is counterclockwise. In the following games, the player who won the last hand will deal.

Briscola rules and how to play briscola. Now you know how the briscola board game is played, what are the briscola rules, the value of the cards and most importantly, the strategy to follow to know how to win briscola.

Always remember to play responsibly. The game is addictive. We appeal to individual responsibility.

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