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Club Vip casinos in Colombia

Club VIP casino Club Vip casinos in Colombia

Club Vip casinos in Colombia. One of the ways to thank the fidelity and loyalty of the players is through loyalty programs. Online gaming operators know that it is just as important to attract a new client as it is to retain an existing one. Of the 17 casinos with a concession contract, there are currently four that offer bonuses through loyalty programs.

Club Vip casinos in Colombia


rivalo logoClub Vip casinos in Colombia in Rivalo. At Rivalo they reward the loyalty of their most loyal users with exclusive promotions and bonuses. Being part of the Rivalo Vip Club is emotion, joy and surprises. Players are eligible for gifts, invitations to sporting events, payment solutions and many other surprises that are kept just for them.


Club Vip casinos in Colombia in Zamba. Zamba is aware of the need to care for and pamper new users and also those who have been registered for a long time. And it is not enough just to offer welcome bonuses to attract new players, the most loyal players also deserve to be treated with care. So the most faithful and loyal players to Zamba can win fabulous prizes thanks to points and coins.


rush casino logoClub Vip casinos in Colombia Rushbet. Another of the casinos that reward the loyalty and fidelity of its players is Rushbet. This operator has a fabulous and very interesting loyalty program. To be part of this club it is only necessary to have fun while playing. And it is that every time the client plays, he gets points and these points can be exchanged for incredible prizes or any other benefit.


wplay logoClub Vip casinos in Colombia on Wplay. Wplay rewards the loyalty of its customers with exclusive promotions and bonuses through the loyalty bonus. In this club surprises are guaranteed and prizes too. To be part of this interesting club it is only necessary to deposit and play. As simple as that. The more you play, the more points you accumulate. The points are known as Casino W points.

What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are free promotions that the casino gives to its customers to play, try and bet at the casino for free. A fantastic idea to attract new customers or reward the fidelity and loyalty of users who are already registered.

What is a loyalty bonus or Vip bonus?

This time we are going to focus on loyalty bonuses, also known as VIP bonuses. As you can imagine this type of bonuses or bonuses are given to casino users for their loyalty and fidelity. Loyalty has a prize and is richly rewarded. User loyalty is generally categorized by levels. That is, the greater the fidelity, the greater the reward.

Online casinos never stop reinventing themselves and are constantly evolving. Attracting new users is important, but keeping them is even more important. And it is not an easy task. That is why they want to retain and thank their customers for their loyalty and their permanence in the casino itself. It is not enough to attract new players. It is far more important that these players are happy and satisfied and decide to gamble and play again. The casino must show that its customers matter to them, and for this they create this type of bonus.

  • The casino rewards loyalty, the fidelity of its customers.
  • It is awarded to regular players or players who wager considerable money.
  • They offer special discounts and bonuses.
  • Loyalty is classified by levels.
  • What these loyalty bonuses consist of will depend on each casino
To consider:

As we always tell you at Secret Casino Tips, read the terms and conditions of the loyalty bonus carefully. In principle, these are not usually as inflexible and rigorous as the welcome bonuses. After all, these bonuses are awarded as a reward for customer loyalty and permanence. The last thing a casino wants is for one of their VIP customers to be unhappy and decide to move on to another casino. And finally and as always, determine if it is worth using this type of bonus before taking it.

Club Vip casinos in Colombia. Play responsibly. Being responsible is part of the game.