Free slots. Are you a fan of slots? Do you want to know the latest news? Do you want to play slots for free? Would you like to know which slots have a higher RTP? Do you want to know where to play free slots? If your answer is yes, you are in luck because you are on the right website. If there is an online casino game that has had a spectacular evolution and development in recent years, those are slot games.

Gaming operators are aware and know the importance of creating attractive, different slot machines, full of creativity and with themes for all tastes. Software vendors bet on slots and they are not wrong. They are the future.

Free slots at Secret Casino Tips

Yes Yes Yes, free slots! You are reading that right, at Secret Casino Tips you can play Slots for free and practice. Obviously we do not have all of them, that would be impossible as you can imagine. We don’t even know how many slot machines are available. What we are sure of is that the selection we have created for you is truly wonderful. And best of all, you can play these slots for free.

Types of free slots

Actually, it is not that there are types of free slots, but here you can try, test and browse some games completely free of charge. Although we must confess that there are many types of slots, almost almost like slots on the market.

Number of rollers

Any slot machine has reels. They may also be referred to as reels or drums. Formerly the slots had three reels and currently the reels of five are very common, although there are slots with ten. The reels line up in a line and the goal is to match them at the same time. The emotion is served, since it is really exciting to discover if the winning combination has been achieved.

Game form free slots

When we talk about how to play, we are referring to how slot machines are and how they work.

  • Classic slots. Classic slots are those slots that you used to find in bars. Digitization and the internet age have meant that online casinos have to update and recreate slots to be able to play from any mobile device. These types of slots are simpler and usually have three reels. It is true that the level of interaction is lower, but they usually have the charm of the past.
  • Video slots. Intermediate slots that have more complex interactions with animations and real recreations.
  • 3D slots. There are slots that so accurately recreate the situation that it gives the feeling that you are part of the game. Current technology allows you to do things so wonderful that they seem unbelievable. They are practically mini video games, with unbeatable image and sound quality.


Paylines are combinations of symbols that award prizes. Depending on the slot, there will be more or fewer pay lines and therefore more chances of making a profit. That is, the greater the number of pay lines, the greater the chances of getting a winning line.


Those responsible for slot machines seek to encourage their players and that’s where the bonuses come from. It is a way to encourage and make players want to continue trying and playing and discovering things about the slots while getting prizes.

The most common bonuses are wild cards or free spins. Most games also feature multipliers or bonus rounds. In the most modern games we can find mini-games that allow us to continue investigating and win interesting prizes. What is the best of bonuses? The jackpots. The jackpot is the maximum prize that a slot machine can give to a player.

Mobile devices

Online casinos are aware that player habits are constantly changing. In the past, players moved to physical casinos to have a good time and be entertained. The physical casinos are still fully operational and it is true that the excitement of the room cannot be compared to that of playing from the sofa at home. However, playing from the sofa, from the office or public transport has its advantages.

Today it is possible to play 24/7. The non-night game world, nowadays, is also daytime. Currently it is possible to play from mobile or tablet. At first, the gaming operators only offered the games through their own websites. However, as you can imagine, the boss is the user.

So they have had to update, train and create suitable mobile applications. Best of all, these mobile applications have all the content that exists on the web: games, promotions, information, customer service, same payment methods,…

Free slot games

Why do we consider it essential to play free slots? What are the benefits of playing free slots? Is it possible to play for free? The game world is fascinating, but it carries certain risks. We always say it, the game can create addiction, that is why it is so important to play responsibly. Play for fun. And it is true that there are people who have lost everything, but it is a small number.

Casino games are really fascinating and we find it more fascinating to be able to play slots for free. Yes, it is possible to play a game without the need for the player to risk their own capital. At Secret Casino Tips you can. We have various free slot games. Demo slots where you can play, practice and find out if it really is the slot you want to bet on.

The benefits of playing in demo version are many. The first and most important, play. Simple and clear. Play and have a good time, without the need for anything else. The second is to see how the game mechanism works and see if it really interests us. And the third, try without the need to bet real money.

How to win at slots?

Some time ago we wrote one of the articles that has had the best among our users, 12 infallible tips to win at slots.

Aspects to consider free slots

  1. Find out about how slots work
  2. Play slot with high RTP
  3. Analyze pay tables
  4. Your bet should always be the maximum possible
  5. double the bet
  6. Volatility
  7. always play the same game
  8. If you win a jackpot, play another slot
  9. never bet the money you win
  10. Play with a closed budget
  11. Never play under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.
  12. Other things to keep in mind that no one had told you and you need to know

Software providers

The gaming industry is vast and constantly evolving. Every year new game companies appear wanting to enter this complex and incredible universe. Undoubtedly, if we have to talk about slot machine providers we cannot avoid talking about Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Play’n go,… If you want to know more about them, read the article the best software providers .

If we focus on Spain, MGA Games is one of the leading companies. And it is that in recent years, this Spanish company has managed to gain a foothold not only on the Peninsula but also in the rest of the world. Today it is one of the most prestigious providers and it is not surprising. His creations are wonderful. His projection is unstoppable. In Spain we also find Recreativos Franco. A company with decades of history that has been able to maintain, update and continue in the industry.


In Spain it is absolutely legal to play slots online. In Spain, the regulatory body is the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ). Online casino games and sports betting in Spain have been regulated since June 6, 2012. The DGOJ is a public body under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. To find out if an online casino complies with the law, we recommend that you enter its website and find out. Any person of legal age can play any of the online games offered by casinos.

The game is increasingly regulated and we are not referring only to the obligation to have the corresponding licenses. The player himself is also regulated. The DGOJ has created different exclusion tools for those players who have gambling problems.


In Colombia it is also legal to play slot games and other online casino games. The body in charge of regulating and granting concession contracts is Coljuegos. Currently in Colombia there are 17 online operators licensed to operate in the country.

Coljuegos is an independent organization whose objective is to promote legal, responsible and transparent gambling, and to ensure the safety of online operators and users. Offer guarantees of fair play, with quality standards and transparency in Colombia. In addition to offering profitability in the proper exploitation of the gaming sector.


In Mexico it is also legal to play slot machines. The person in charge of regulating online gambling in Mexico is the General Directorate of Games and Sweepstakes through the Ministry of the Interior. The purpose of this body is to address “matters related to the supervision and surveillance of the authorizations granted as established by the Federal Law on Games and Sweepstakes and its Regulations.”

The General Directorate of Games and Sweepstakes grants permits to legally play games and sweepstakes with bets permitted by Law. It also ensures that the terms and conditions established by them are met. Another of the fundamental aspects of said body is to deal with complaints of illegal gambling, and to establish collaboration mechanisms with other institutions to combat illegal gambling.

Frequent questions

What are free slots?

As its name indicates, free slots are slot games where you can play without having to invest money. Yes, absolutely true. There are portals like ours that offer the possibility of playing demo. A great way to try a free slots game without having to wager the user’s own capital.

Where to play free slots?

Users who wish to play free slots have two ways. The first is in the online casinos themselves. It is necessary to say that not all casinos offer this possibility. Some online gaming operators do not have this option and you can only play with real money. You can also play some free slot games here at Secret Casino Tips. Take advantage and play some of the best slot games on the market. Have fun and have a good time without the need to play for real money.

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Can you play slots without downloading? Is it necessary to register?

Of course. At Secret Casino Tips you can play free slot games with no download required and no need to download any additional software. As simple as that. No registration is required to be able to play free slots. Free slots, play free slots games.

Free slots in SCT, enjoy free slots.