How to use AI in casinos? Does AI influence online casinos? Is it possible that Artificial Intelligence is able to guess where the ball lands in roulette? Can AI know how to win at blackjack? Can banks be unseated thanks to Artificial Intelligence? Is it really an effective tool or is it just a fallacy?

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence has been on everyone’s lips and how could it be otherwise, some players have incorporated it into their usual methodology. Nowadays it is possible to use this powerful and incredible tool for personal use in casino games or sports betting. However, a real doubt arises for many and that is whether this tool is really as effective as it seems or if it is just another tool whose chances of success are not as high. Let’s discover the ins and outs of Artificial Intelligence in gambling and whether AI can influence online casinos.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Unless you are an alien and have spent a long time on Mars at some point you will have heard something about Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT. Even more than one person out of curiosity will have tinkered with this tool attributed to Alan Turing. He is considered the father of AI and the pioneer of modern computing. In recent years, the development of this technology has been tremendous and today it is a common tool in the daily lives of millions of people.

However, what is Artificial Intelligence? When we talk about artificial intelligence related to computer science we refer to the “set of cognitive and intellectual capabilities expressed by computer systems or combinations of algorithms whose purpose is the creation of machines that imitate human intelligence to perform tasks, and that can improve as they gather information. Simply put, it is a tool capable of thinking and reasoning as if it were a human being. AI is applied to different disciplines such as education, medicine, sports, industry, art, economics,…

How to use AI in casinos

AI can influence online casinos and in fact in recent times it has been a tool widely used by users to determine what type of bets they make, when and how much they bet. And Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and revolutionize the world. And as it could not be otherwise, it has turned the world of gambling and sports betting upside down in a metaphorical sense. This technology has transformed the online gaming sector and this has only just begun. Knowing how to use this invaluable tool is vital.

Just as online casinos were a real revolution a few years ago, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the gaming sector and if used correctly it can be very powerful and very beneficial. But like everything, and more so in the game, it is necessary to know how to use it in a positive way.

How is AI used in casino games?

How to use AI in casinos. Artificial Intelligence can be used bidirectionally (casinos-users). Online casinos are constantly learning and developing to offer a magnificent and unmatched user experience. This is why Artificial Intelligence has become a wonderful and very powerful ally to offer a better service. Operators mainly use it in these types of actions:


How to use AI in casinos- PERSONALIZATION. Online casinos put all their effort into offering fantastic service and user experience. That is why they are constantly devising what to offer to please and satisfy the needs of their players. User data is used to know what products or promotions they can offer their customers based on their tastes or preferences. Exclusive and differentiated customization to obtain a more attractive experience.

Customer Support

How to use AI in casinos – ATT. CUSTOMER. The most common thing is that online casinos use AI to provide better customer service 24/7. It is possible that if you have contacted the customer service department of a casino you have come across a help boot. These boots have their limitations and although they resolve many doubts, this is not always the case. One of the main drawbacks of using AI in customer service. A machine cannot resolve doubts like a human being can.

Fraud prevention

How to use AI in casinos- FRAUD. Artificial intelligence is a very powerful tool to detect fraudulent behavior in online casinos. These types of tools allow them to detect fraudulent accounts, minors accessing these games, manipulation of games or incorrect use of promotions. The goal is to ensure transparency and fair play.

Analysis of data

How to use AI in casinos- DATA. Thanks to artificial intelligence, gaming operators have exclusive data analysis that allows them to determine gaming trends and know how the player performs. This data is used to improve the player experience. It is closely related to personalization but from the point of view of the company and not of the user.


How to use AI in casinos- SECURITY. Security, security, security is the priority of online casinos. Operators seek excellence in relation to security and thanks to artificial intelligence it is easier. It allows you to verify the identity of players through facial recognition or fingerprint. It is a way to ensure that the player is who they say they are and there is NO impersonation. And above all, a way to protect minors and vulnerable groups. In addition to avoiding theft or leaks.

Cómo utilizar la IA en los casinos

How can gamers benefit from AI?

As we have said before, Artificial Intelligence is used in favor of users/players. How can gamers benefit from AI? That is the question that many players ask themselves and want to solve and it is simpler than it seems.

When a user asks a question on ChatGPT, it uses all the available information based on statistics, forecasts, history and any data to offer a truthful answer. It can be said that he is a scholar on the subject with a desire to express and make known that information to whoever requests it. And therein lies the importance of Artificial Intelligence. Millions of information processed in a matter of seconds to offer valuable and truthful information. Information is always positive as long as it is used appropriately and correctly.

Let’s look at a practical example. We have entered ChatGPT and have asked the following question: “What are the chances of the ball landing on number 8 on the roulette wheel?” The answer below:

“In a standard roulette, the probability of the ball landing on a specific number, such as the number 8, depends on the type of roulette you are playing. Roulettes can be of two main types: European roulette and American roulette.

  1. European Roulette:
    In European roulette, there are 37 numbers in total (0 to 36).
    The probability of the ball landing on the number 8 is 1 in 37, since there is only one number 8 on roulette.
  2. American Roulette:
    In American roulette, there are 38 numbers in total (0 to 36 plus a double zero, 00).
    The probability of the ball landing on the number 8 is 1 in 38, since there is only one number 8 on roulette.

The general formula to calculate the probability on a roulette wheel is:

Probability=1Total number of spaces in the rouletteProbability=Total number of spaces in the roulette1

Therefore, the specific probability of the ball landing on the number 8 can be calculated using the formula mentioned above depending on the type of roulette wheel you are using.”

AI, a complementary tool in casinos

It is true that Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the world and is very practical, but it must be put to good use. In relation to games of chance, some precautions must be taken when using them. It should never be used as an exclusive tool but rather a complementary one. Artificial Intelligence makes mistakes and the best thing is that before betting the player always reasons for himself and does not exclusively use technology.

At Secret Casino Tips we always say that information and learning are vital to betting correctly and if there is also such a sophisticated tool that provides us with additional information, all the better. However, it cannot be used as a betting method.

How to use AI in casinos How to use AI in casinos