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Superstitions in the game world

ood luck is something that everyone longs for. Superstitions or popular beliefs are rooted in all kinds of cultures and at all times. And casino players are no exception. What’s more, players tend to be more superstitious and maniacal than other mortals. In today’s article we are going to describe some of the superstitions in the gaming world.

These are some of the superstitions in the game world:

Number 7

In the casino world, number seven is the number charged with bringing prosperity and joy. Since ancient times seven has always represented good fortune and obviously in casinos as well. There are many players who always choose 7 to place their bets. They believe that fortune will be on their side.

Number 13

SecretcasinotipsIf number 7 is the lucky number, 13 is the unlucky number. Statistically, number 13 is chosen by few players. However, what for some cultures is a symbol of bad luck, for others it is just the opposite. In Asia the number 13 indicates good luck


Luckly playing…

Lucky in the game, unlucky in love. You will have heard this saying hundreds of times. Who knows, right? It is true that an obsessive game can lead to gambling and this can lead to personal and financial problems… For this reason, you should always play with temperance and a cool head. Let’s think that there are players who smile fortune and love

Always the same clothes

Wear the same clothes with which you have won an award. This superstition is very common among some players. If you had a good day and it went well for you in the game, choose the same clothes because you understand that luck will be on your side. Clothing is used as a good luck charm in the game. In more extreme cases, some players decide not to wash these clothes, since when washing them, they lose good fortune

Cross legs

As a good popular belief, it has no scientific basis and there is no study to prove it. However, it is true that it is believed that crossing your legs at a game table brings bad luck. Especially in Blackjack or poker games. Crossing your legs is considered to cut power and with it good luck.

Crossing fingers

If crossing your legs attracts bad luck, crossing your fingers attracts good fortune. It is a very typical image of casinos. Watch players wait for their fortune with their fingers crossed. And the more the better.


Red color

The red color is a symbol of passion, of love. And in the casino world it also means good luck. Especially in China. For the Chinese, red is not only good luck, but also prosperity. Some Chinese go to the casinos dressed in red. They believe that this will attract good luck. You don’t have to go red from top to bottom. Wearing the shirt or pants is enough.


Other amulets

Other objects that have always been associated with good luck are the horseshoe, the four-leaf clover, the rabbit’s foot. In the end each player has their own hobbies and superstitions. It is likely that a player will get lucky with specific socks, listen to a certain song, enter the casino with the right foot or always drink the same drink.

Lucky money

Pass the ticket through the belly of a pregnant woman or the back of a hunchback. It is also a very popular belief without a scientific basis.



Bad lucky

If we said previously that there are objects that attract good luck, on the opposite side there are also objects or situations that attract bad luck. Let’s list a few: breaking a mirror, going under a ladder or scaffolding, or seeing a black cat. And then each player has their personal and non-transferable superstitions.


Whistling or singing

Whistling, singing, or making loud noises are considered to attract bad luck. Noise is believed to drive away fortune and with it players’ money




In conclusion, beliefs beliefs are and following a list of positive superstitions does not guarantee winning that day. So if you can, follow a proper strategy and trust your luck.

Do you know of any other superstitions in the gaming world?

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