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Top 10 casino games

Top 10 casino games Top 10 juegos del casino

Top 10 casino games. In recent years there has been a proliferation of online casinos. More and more players are deciding to entertain and have fun through a device, without the need to go to a live casino. Do you know what Spanish users play? What casino games are trending? We present the Top 10 casino games.

Top 10 casino games

1. European roulette

Top 10 casino games- European roulette. The game most demanded by the Spanish players is… ÂĄthe roulette European! The invention of the French Blaise Pascal takes place as the game between the casino games. Four siglos de historia que siguen siendo very currentes. And that ruleta has not lost its essence and continues to be one of the most complex machines at a mathematical and probabilistic level.

2. Blackjack

Top 10 casino games- blackjack. The second place occupies one of the simplest card games and at the same time the most complex, sophisticated and risky, blackjack. It is popularly known as el juego del 21 and it is very likely that regardless of whether you are assiduous at the casinos or not, lo conozcas y hayas jugado. The objective is to obtain 21 points or approach this figure as much as possible, without passing.

3. American Blackjack

The popularity and simplicity of blackjack have developed different versions of it. Among them, American blackjack stands out. This original and incredible version has many fans and does not surprise us. What makes this table game unique is the possibility of surrender. American blackjack allows the player to surrender at any moment if the hand he has is not to his liking. That’s right, 50% of the initial bet is lost.

4. Slots

Top 10 casino games- slots. You can’t miss this Top 10 casino games for drag games. And it is that despite occupying the fourth position, the slots are very demanded by the public. Y no es de extrañar. Since its origins in 1895, the games of Trago have developed in an incredible way. The gaming industry is keenly committed to innovating and developing games with very different themes to satisfy everyone’s needs, including the most demanding.

5. Live Roulette

Top 10 casino games- live roulette. In the last few years, live games have been popularized. Live games have a component of emotion and fun that makes them unique. They connect especially well with the players and the live dealer offers authenticity, fun and realism. The player teleports to a physical casino without having to move from home. Y el rey de los juegos en vivo es la ruleta. We understand that with the passage of time you will be able to beat any other game.

10 melhores jogos de cassino Top 10 casino games

6. Baccarat

Top 10 casino games- baccarat. An unknown game for some is Baccarat, despite being present in virtually all online casinos. It is clear that it does not enjoy the same popularity as blackjack, although it is a similar game. In addition to blackjack, the opponent to shoot is the croupier and the objective is to get 9 points. In this case, the figures do not score and the rest of the cards retain their original value.

7. Live Blackjack

Going up positions we find live blackjack. Something similar happens with live ruleta and it is that little by little it is gaining more and more users. Experiencing the emotion live as you were in the face-to-face casino brings a plus. The online casinos are aware and because of that they bet more and more on this type of table games. Live Blackjack currently has different versions to guarantee fun.

8. Videobingo

Top 10 casino games- videobingo. The videobingo arises from the combination of the games of trapperras and the dynamics of bingo. Increasingly, there are more software providers that are demanding to offer a more extensive catalog adapted to the tastes of consumers. Currently, all casinos have this magnificent option.

9. American Roulette

In the past, the most common option found by players in European casinos was the European version. Sin embargo, hoy en dĂ­a es tan comĂșn una u otro. American roulette is played as a fun and exciting game. The main difference with Europe lies in the number of rooms. Y es que la roulette americana has the 36 numbers, and two zeros, the zero and the double zero.

10. Keno

Top 10 casino games- keno. In the last position, but not least, we found keno. It is clear that this game is not as popular as it can be the ruleta, the games of drag or blackjack. Nevertheless, there it is. It is a game similar to the traditional lottery. The table contains 80 numbers and the player must choose 20.

What did the Top 10 casino games look like? Did you expect this provision? Are you surprised by the place of any casino game? What do you judge yourselves?