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Typical expressions of casinos

expresiones tĂ­picas de casino

Could you tell us some typical expressions of casinos? At Secret Casino Tips we have compiled a list of the ten most typical and most heard expressions in casinos around the world. We have chosen those that in our opinion are the best and with which you surely feel identified. If you are a regular in the face-to-face casinos, surely you will have heard them countless times. And for those of you who don’t regularly go to casinos, surely you have also heard them thanks to some movie or series. Each casino phrase has an origin and a meaning. Some are specific to a casino game, while others are generic.

Typical expressions of casinos

1. Place your bets!

We start the list of the most typical expressions of casinos with the most used and heard phrase in casinos around the world, place your bets! or also ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. This expression is used to indicate to the players that it is time to place their bets. The dealer is in charge of pronouncing it and the players will proceed to place their bets. Today this expression is used within the scope of the casino but also outside it.

2. It doesn’t go anymore

If the expression Place your bets! marks the beginning of the game, the expression Goes no more determines when the game does not accept more bets. Thus the dealer is in charge of pronouncing it and the game will begin. Possibly, this expression you will have heard on multiple occasions if it is not in a casino, surely in the cinema or on television.

3. Have an ace up your sleeve

Another of the most used expressions in the casino and outside it, is to have an ace up your sleeve. It refers to having a hidden resource to get it out at the necessary time in order to create an unforeseen effect. In the gaming sector it is related to cheating and taking advantage of this resource to beat the game.

4. All- in

The origin of the expression All-in comes from poker. However, today it is used in other games of chance. This expression is used when the player decides to bet and risk all his chips on a single move. Sometimes this strategy will be used by the magnificent cards available to you. However, players use it to mark a bluff in front of the opponents and creating maximum expectation on the table or in the room.

5. The die is cast

“Alea jacta est” is the Latin expression of the phrase The die is cast. The meaning of it is that you just have to wait to see what happens. The players will have already made their bets and all that remains is to wait. Fortune may or may not be on our side, however, nothing can be done to change the outcome of the game. The only thing we have left is to cross our fingers and hope to win.

6. The casino never loses

It is the most accurate expression in the world. As we have explained in other articles, the casino never loses and it is totally true. Casinos are companies and like any business the objective is to make money. Obviously, there are countless players who win succulent prizes, however, the casino is sure to win more.

7. Double or nothing

When one of the players utters the phrase double or nothing, the tension in the game is maximum. It is a challenge on the part of the players during the competition. A way to recover the initial investment and the profits previously lost. If luck is on your side, you will win and you will lose twice what you bet.

8. No risk, no win

It is another of the most common phrases that are heard in the casino and also in life. And it is true, he who does not risk does not win. In the case of the casino, sometimes it takes a little push or courage to risk and gamble. However, you always have to act with your head and responsibility. Every time the roulette wheel spins, the chances of winning and the risk of losing are the same.

9. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world. It is one of the most mythical phrases of games of chance, perhaps popularized thanks to the cinema. So you know, when you go to a casino either alone or accompanied, remember that what happens that night should not be told. The adventures of casinos are a mystery.

The origin of the phrase is not known for sure, however, it is believed that it was an Australian writer Irina Dunn who wrote it in a public toilet in 1970.

10. Shake hands

When you hear the expression shake hands in the casino, it doesn’t mean you should say hello or introduce yourself or anything like that. This expression is said by the dealer when he deals the cards to the players sitting at the gaming table. From there, players must use their wisdom, experience and strategy to win.

After numbering the 10 most typical expressions of the casino we want to add the most accurate phrase of all. It is not on the list but it must always be kept in mind. Don’t play what you don’t have. That easy. Don’t bet money or play if you don’t have it. Always play responsibly. And only play if you can afford to lose money. Gambling is a form of entertainment, not a way of life.

As Martin Scorsese said in the movie Casino there are three ways to do things: the right one, the wrong one, and mine. Which one do you choose?

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