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What is rollover?

¿Qué es el rollover?

In the world of sports betting or the casino it is common to hear a term, rollover. What is rollover? Why is this term associated with bonds?

In today’s article we explain what rollover is. A concept associated with casino bonuses. One of the marketing techniques most used by online casinos is to offer succulent welcome bonuses or other types. A way to attract and capture the attention of new users.

Until relatively few months ago, gambling operators issued incredible and sky-high welcome bonuses. However, these bonuses have their days numbered. If everything runs its course from May 1, 2021, welcome bonuses will be prohibited. One of the most controversial measures approved in the Royal Decree of Commercial Communications of gambling activities in Spain. From then on, operators will not be able to use the welcome bonuses to attract new customers.

What is rollover?

Rollover is the number of times a user must bet in order to withdraw the winnings obtained thanks to the accepted bonus. If the terms and conditions specify that the rollover is x5, it means that we will have to invest five times the money bet before being able to withdraw it.

With an example it is sure to be better understood. Let’s imagine that we register at an online casino and get a welcome bonus. We make a first deposit of 10 euros, knowing that your rollover is x5. This means that the player must bet for a total value of 50 euros, that is, they must bet five times their initial bet, the 10 euros. Upon complying with the rollover terms, the money will be released and converted into real money.

In addition to the rollover, it is necessary for the player to know other contract clauses. Casino bonuses are usually limited in duration. Once you accept the bonus, you have x days to be able to redeem it and make use of it. Once the time is over, the bonus disappears with the profits obtained. The duration of the bonus will depend on the casino or bookmaker itself. Each bookie has its rules.

The terms and conditions also specify the contribution of each game. Not all casino games contribute in the same way. In general it can be said that slot games apply 100%. However, in roulette or blackjack the figure is usually around 25%.

What happens if we do not comply with the clauses?

In the event that a player does not comply with the rollover or other clauses of the casino bonus, he automatically loses the money obtained thanks to the bonus. Claims don’t work and they will only waste time. By accepting the voucher you accept the conditions and clauses, therefore, failure to comply with them carries the penalty.

Is it mandatory to use the welcome bonus?

No, it is not required. The user can accept or reject them. As we always say in Secret Casino Tips, it is very important to read and understand the terms and conditions of the bonus before accepting it. Knowing the rules of the game is an essential requirement before starting to play. It is the only way to know if it is really profitable for the player to accept the casino bonus or not and not get unpleasant surprises.

Good luck in your bets and above all, play responsibly. The game should be a form of fun and entertainment. Without fun there is no game. Gambling carries risks and is addictive.