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What is the game exclusion?

┬┐Qu├ę es la exclusi├│n de juego? What is the game exclusion?
What is the game exclusion? The game should always be a form of entertainment. The game can cause addiction. If you believe that the time you spend playing in the casinos or the money you invest is excessive, pon an immediate solution. All online casinos regulated in Spain have an exclusive tool. Today we detail what is the exclusion of the game. According to the latest report from the General Directorate of Gambling Ordinance, published in May 2021, in Spain there are 1,481,807 users in casinos and betting shops, a figure higher than the previous year, 1,367,444. The 82.34% are men and 17.66% are women. More than 83% of players are between 18 and 45 years old. However, a data to emphasize is that there has been an increase of 7.23% in players between 18 and 25 years old (406,683). And the average cost is 608 euros a year.

What is the game exclusion?

The (auto)exclusion is a voluntary procedure to formally ask game operators not to allow access to both casinos and physical betting sites and online casinos to a player. Currently all casinos regulated in Spain have the exclusion tool to help those users with problems or addiction to the game. The self-exclusion will be in force during the interdiction period. If you need to take a breather, if you spend too much time judging or if the money you invest is excessive, do not hesitate and ask the operator for the self-exclusion form. By law, all operators in Spain are obliged to facilitate the form and help as far as possible. Depending on the operator, some periods or other times are offered.

Time for relaxation and reflection apart from games of chance

A data to have in mind is that the player must request the exclusion form in each casino in which he is registered. Es decir, if a player is registered in five casinos, he will have to request the interdiction in the five casinos where he has an open account. Due to data protection, casinos cannot exchange this type of information. During this period of exclusion, the game operator will not be able to contact the customer, nor carry out marketing actions, such as sending emails with promotions, surprises or other offers. The time of interdiction is time of reflection, a time for the player to be completely relieved of the games of chance and of the addiction that they are able to contake. The time of exclusion can be unlimited.  

What is the RGIAJ?

La lucha por la ludopat├şa en Espa├▒a viene de lejos. For years now, different associations have been demanding measures to curb addiction among players, especially among vulnerable teenagers and groups. In November 2020, the Royal Decree of Commercial Communications for the activities of the game in Spain was approved. Among the new measures are: advertising in the media, prohibition of sponsorship in sport and elimination of promotions for new customers. The General Registry of Interdictions of Access to the Game (RGIAJ) is a state tool where the data of those players who wish to exclude themselves from the games of chance are stored. In the case of opting for this option, it is not necessary to fill out a form for each operator. Spain was one of the pioneers in creating a self-exclusion system and directing it at the DGOJ.

How to sign up for the RGIAJ?

The person affected can register here. The first thing you should do is download and complete the form. The continuation must be delivered in person at the registry of Public Administrations or online through the electronic headquarters of the DGOJ. Automatically the player will not be able to access any online or face-to-face casino in Spain. The minimum time for self-exclusion is 6 months, according to the Autonomous Community. If you want to know the regulations of each community, you can consult them here. Exclusion does not cure ludopathy, but it is the first step. What is the game exclusion?