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5 new companies set up in Ceuta

5 empresas se instalan en Ceuta tras la conferencia Bet On Ceuta

5 new companies set up in Ceuta after the Bet On Ceuta conference. The Government of Ceuta is very satisfied with the results obtained after the Bet On Ceuta. 5 companies in the gaming sector have promised to open an office in Ceuta after the congress. The highest authorities in the tax landscape of both the public and private sectors, regulators and official organizations in the iGaming sector have shared experiences. Bet on Ceuta, the online gambling and taxation, has taken place on October 15 and 16.

Ceuta has held the Bet On Ceuta conference organized by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Public Administration, through the autonomous Tax Services agency. The event has brought together around 140 professionals from the online gaming sector.  Juan Espinosa, Director General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling; María José Garde, Director General of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance or Ileana Mora, Director of Operations at Mondobets have attended.

20 iGaming companies operate from Ceuta

5 new companies set up in Ceuta. Since the Government announced in 2018 a tax benefit plan to attract companies from the gaming sector to Ceuta and Melilla, more than 20 companies have already opened or settled in North Africa. Some of the companies that have opened offices in the cities of Ceuta or Melilla are: Betfred, 888 Casino, Suertia, Circus, Paston, Ondobets, Luckia, Cross Betting Platform, Betandeal,, Casino 777, Playtech or Casino de Barcelona.

The tax benefit plan includes a 50% bonus in Social Security. As well a 60% reduction in income tax and a lower tax rate in corporation tax: 7.5% the first two years and 12.5% ​​from the third year.

More companies trust Ceuta as an online gaming operations center. Ceuta wants to compete and keep the pearl of the Mediterranean that Malta or Gibraltar currently have. Undoubtedly, the final result of Brexit will determine the real possibilities that Ceuta and Melilla have to be at the forefront of online gaming in Europe. At the moment, 5 iGaming companies plan to settle in Ceuta after the Bet On Ceuta conference.

Casino de Barcelona, the last company to move to Ceuta

Since August Casino Barcelona Interactivo has also operated from Ceuta. The main incentive for this change of residence are the tax advantages offered by the city government. The objective of this geographical change is to reduce costs. In August a part of the workforce was moved, around 10 people and it is calculated that before the end of the year, all the equipment will be installed.

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