Codere review our honest opinion. One of the most emblematic casino operators with a long history in Spain is Codere. Games of chance are without a doubt the hallmark of this company that began its journey in 1980 in Madrid and later consolidated throughout Spain. Its founders are the Martínez Sampedro and the Franco brothers.

International expansion was not long in coming and in a matter of a few years Codere already had a presence in Latin America. Specifically in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with the opening of a bingo. Later in Colombia with the inauguration of one of the largest casinos in the country and in 1998, in Mexico with bingo halls. From there they jumped to Uruguay in 2002 with the reopening of the Maroñas Hippodrome in Montevideo. That same year, they also open the market in Italy. In 2005, they landed in Brazil with the management of sports betting rooms. Since 2010 it is also present in Panama with the acquisition of six casinos.

Codere is the first company in Spain to open a face-to-face betting room. It currently has physical rooms in practically all the cities of the country. Since 2007, it has been listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. Codere has casinos, bingos, betting rooms, racetracks, gaming terminals…

His online journey began in 2014.

Codere review our honest opinion

Is Codere a scam? Why is Codere a secure site?

40 years of history endorse this multinational company of Spanish origin. It is currently one of the companies with the most international projection as it is present in many countries. So we can ensure that no, Codere is not a scam. It is a safe and reliable international company.

Why is Codere a secure site? It has all the necessary licenses to operate legally in Spain. On the website of the Dirección General de Ordenación de Juegos (DGOJ) you can check the legality of this gambling operator. In Spain, the regulatory body in charge of granting licenses is the DGOJ.

It has the following DGOJ licenses 225-11/GA/A86346038/SGR, AOC/2014/002, ADC/2014/001, AHC/2014/002, 223-11/GO/ A86346038/SGR, MAZ/2015/ 032, RLT/2016/009, BLJ/2016/007.

Codere games Spain

Codere review our honest opinion about games. Codere is one of the industry giants in Spain. With four decades behind him, he is aware of the need to offer a competent and high-quality product to his users. It is for this reason that they are always at the forefront of both products and development. They know that the satisfaction of the players is essential for the proper functioning of the company.

In recent years, Codere has made a firm commitment to sports betting. The sports sector is the one that moves the most money and those responsible have decided to influence it. However, Codere does not forget its origins. They know that it is essential to offer competent casino products.

What Codere Spain games can we find? Variety is the main ingredient of this company. How could it be otherwise, slot games are its strength. They also have blackjack and roulette games. And of course, live games.

Codere slots

Reseña de Codere: nuestra honesta opinión

Codere review our honest opinion about slots. We at Secret Casino Tips have made ourselves a spoiler car. As we have just commented in the previous section, the great strength of Codere Casino are the slot games. And it is that it is proven, thanks to the annual reports issued by the DGOJ, that slots are in great demand by the great public that plays in casinos.

What can the player find? Slot games for all tastes. Fans of adventure slots, history, fantasy, mythology, movies, television, manga, animals, sports,… will surely find an option they like to start having fun with this operator. They currently have around 200 different titles. The best thing is that every month they add new titles.

How could it be otherwise, Codere works with top-level game providers such as NetEnt, MGA Games or Playtech.

Codere Live games

Codere review our honest opinion about live games. Currently one of the most valued and most attractive options for players is the live games option. With these times, users prefer to play from home, without having to move and having to go to the physical casino. It is true that you lose the magic that casinos give off, but on the other hand, you gain in time and above all in comfort.

The Codere Live offer: live games is relatively limited. We cannot and do not want to hide reality. And it is that anyone who enters the Codere website will realize that live games are not their forte. They have eight live roulette games. Eight games with which to live the emotion and adrenaline of now. They don’t have any blackjack game, and personally, we don’t understand why.

Other Codere casino games

Codere review our honest opinion about other games. Other Codere casino games are blackjack games. The well-known game of 21 is present online. Although the same thing happens a bit as with Live games. The offer is really ridiculous. A pity because we are sure that many of the users decide to opt for another casino that does have a variety of blackjack.

Welcome bonus

Codere review our honest opinion about bonus. “According to the Royal Decree of Commercial Communications 958/2020, casinos in Spain cannot offer bonuses to new players from May 1, 2021. Promotions are only available to players 30 days after registration and verification of the check“.

So if you want to get a welcome bonus or any other bonus, we recommend that you go directly to the operator’s website and there you can get all the information you need. Review Lowen Play our honest opinion, bonuses.

How to start playing at Codere?

Codere review our honest opinion about play at Codere. If you want to play at Codere, we remind you that you should be calm because it is a reliable and 100% secure website. It has all the necessary licenses to be able to operate in Spain. So we are going to explain how to start playing at Codere.

The first thing you should do is enter Codere. At the top of the browser you will see two buttons, Access or Register. If you do not have an account, you must press the Register button. Then you must fill in the form with personal information, date of birth, contact information and user information.

As soon as the registration department receives the request and they verify that everything is correct, you will be able to enter and enjoy all the Codere games. Remember to always play responsibly and with your head. Gambling can cause compulsive gambling.

We remind you that in order to open an account with Codere or any other operator, you must be of legal age, that is, be 18 years old. It is not allowed to play as a minor.

Payment methods

Codere review our honest opinion about payment methods. Payment methods accepted at Codere:


  • Bizum
  • Codere
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Wire transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paypal
  • Paysafecard
  • MuchBetter
  • HalCash
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Astropay

bank withdrawals

  • Wire transfer
  • Hal-Cash
  • Paypal
  • MuchBetter
  • face-to-face collection

Codere app

Codere review our honest opinion about app. The more traditional players can play traditionally from any device, but if you are a more innovative player, we recommend that you download the Codere App. It is a free application and very easy to install. You only have to access Codere and download it. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

In the Codere App you will find all the games that are in the desktop version and some other surprises.

Contact Codere Spain: Customer Service

Codere review our honest opinion about contact. Any doubt, question, suggestion or complaint can be transferred to Codere’s customer service. An efficient and decisive service. The fastest way is through chat. You can also contact us through the form or by sending an email to [email protected].

FAQs Codere

Codere review our honest opinion about FAQs. How to collect bets online? What is the minimum or maximum that can be withdrawn? What documentation is needed? Have you forgotten your account and want to know how to recover it? Can you change your username? ?,… These questions and many other frequently asked questions by users are resolved in the FAQ section. If the question is not resolved, contact customer service.

Markets in which Codere operates

Codere review our honest opinion about markets operates. As you know by now, Codere, a company of Spanish origin, has been an international company for decades. It currently has a presence in Europe in Spain and Italy. In Latin America, it has also been present for years in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Panama and Uruguay.

Pros and cons


  • Trajectory and international reputation
  • Customer Support
  • Payment methods
  • App Codere


  • game shortage
  • Few ways to withdraw

Our experience and how Codere could improve

Codere review our honest opinion about our experience. Codere’s track record, history and reputation endorse them. The international operator works in different markets both in Europe and Latin America. The player is wise and if he plays and repeats it is because the user experience is good. It is true that in recent years Codere has focused mainly on sports betting.

As we have said before, the casino offer is good, but personally we expected something more from one of the industry giants both in Spain and abroad. If we compare Codere’s slot offer with other operators, it is really scarce. They have interesting games but few games. And if the user likes something, it is the variety. Regarding roulette and blackjack,… little remains to be said. Scarce, poor and insufficient.

We really like that Codere is committed to responsible gaming. The game is safe, the game is fun, the game is entertainment. Although it is true that it is important to play with your head and not lose your way.

How could Codere improve? There is no perfect gaming operator, and Codere is no exception. Personally, I think that those responsible for Codere should bet on casino games and that there be more variety of games, mainly blackjack.

Codere review our honest opinion. Codere review our honest opinion. Codere review our honest opinion.