Luckia reviews opinions and regulated bonus. The González Fuentes family founded the company in 1972 with the creation of jukeboxes and slot machines. It currently has two different lines, sports betting and casinos. It was licensed by Coljuegos, Colombia’s regulatory body, in 2018 through Luckia Colombia SAS. It currently also operates in Chile, Peru, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Malta.

Luckia reviews opinions and regulated bonus

Is Luckia a scam? Why is Luckia a secure site?

One of the questions that a user asks before opting for an online casino is if the operator is a safe and legal site or if it is a scam. In the case of Luckia, we can guarantee that it is a legal and safe operator, since it has a Coljuegos license. In this case, the concession contract number 1511. It obtained the concession in 2018. It was one of the first operators to obtain it in Colombia.

The regulatory body for gambling in Colombia is Coljuegos. Coljuegos is an independent organization that promotes legal, responsible and transparent gambling in the country. Among its premises is to ensure the safety of players and gambling companies.

Luckia games Colombia

One of the things that has shocked us the most when analyzing Luckia in detail is the scarcity of games of chance that it has. We do not know what it is due to or what strategy they follow. Since slot games, roulette, live games, blackjack, baccarat have a lot of pull in the country. And in this case, the game catalog is almost non-existent, especially if we compare it with other industry giants in the country. What we are sure of and we are not mistaken, is that other operators are eating the market.

If the slot titles are insufficient, when you dive into some table games like blackjack or baccarat you realize that they do not exist for them. Incredible true? The same thing happens with roulette. In the end it’s a bit bleak for a player to enter Luckia and see the game limitation.

On the other hand, sports betting does enjoy a good position. It is true that sports betting has grown enormously in recent years. More and more Colombians are betting their money on sporting events. However, and due to their history and trajectory, they should not forget the other line of business.

Luckia slots

What else to say about slots when we have already said everything? It is a pity that a company that is half a century old has not opted for one of the most demanded lines in the world. Can you imagine Las Vegas without its slot machines? Impossible. How many movies would disappear if we removed the slots from the narration itself? A few. Obviously, life would go on, yes, but it would be less fun. And the main purpose of gambling is fun.

It is surprising when in Spain Luckia does have a wide range of slot titles. We are aware that rules, regulations, and agreements with software providers vary from country to country. However, we believe that they can improve.

Welcome bonus

Any company in the gaming industry has its strengths and weaknesses. And Luckia is no exception. If the international operator’s weakness is entertainment and chance games, one of its strengths is bonuses. And we can say that Luckia has the best welcome bonus of all the online casinos in Colombia. It’s not an exaggeration, word of Secret Casino Tips


Luckia’s welcome bonus is incredible, spectacular, impressive. And it is that Luckia does not have a normal welcome bonus, but a VIP welcome bonus. Not one bonus, not even two, but three welcome bonuses in one. Up to $100,000 can be obtained with the first three deposits. It lasts for 30 days and the minimum deposit is $10,000.

How to start playing in Luckia?

If there is something important, it is choosing the right casino. Not all players need the same. Each one will be guided by different aspects. If you want to know how to choose a casino, we recommend the following article. If you are sure that Luckia is your operator and you need to open an account and register, we tell you that it is simple and that it will not take you too long.

  1. Enter the Luckia website
  2. Register and fill in all the fields.
  3. Enjoy your navigation in Luckia.

Remember that in order to open an account with Luckia or any operator you must be of legal age.

Payment methods accepted in Luckia

  • PSE
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Efecty
  • PayU
  • Baloto

Contact Luckia Colombia: Customer Service

Can you imagine playing the game of your life, have a question and there is no one from the operator who can solve it? No, right? And it is that the customer service department is one of the most important. And it is that the satisfaction of the player depends on him. When a player is happy, surely he will come back.

At Luckia they have an efficient and decisive chat service every day of the week. In addition, you can also contact by email and cell phone. The email is [email protected], cell phone 01 8000 94 50 00.

Markets in which Luckia operates

The gaming industry is equally fascinating and complex. Every year new companies appear that dream of making a name for themselves and being part of the industry. However, it is not easy. In the same way that game operators appear, others disappear. So turning 50 is quite an achievement. Only available to very few. Perseverance, work, transparency and effort is that of Luckia to carry five decades.

The international operator Luckia began its journey in this exciting world in 1972 in Spain. The internalization of the company was initially centered within Europe. It currently operates in Portugal, Malta and Croatia. The jump to the countries of Latin America occurred later. They are present in Colombia, Chile and Peru.

Pros and cons


  • Company track record and reputation
  • chat
  • welcome bonus


  • Shortage of casino games
  • Shortage of payment methods

Our experience and how Luckia could improve

A bookmaker with fifty years of experience deserves all our respect. As we have said before, it is not easy to celebrate years and even less decades in this ever-changing and diverse industry. Luckia has managed to gain a foothold and that is thanks to the loyalty of his players. Sometimes operators forget the most important thing, the customers. In this case, Luckia has managed to create a balanced and trusting relationship.

You will not be surprised if we tell you that one of the improvements that Luckia must make is to increase the catalog of casino games. It is true that in other countries it does not happen, but it does in Colombia. We understand that they work on it to offer the best of services. But until then it is acceptable to give our most sincere opinion and unfortunately we have to suspend Luckia. And the content is important, very important.

Apart from that, Luckia is a reliable operator, it has the concessions to be able to operate in the country. And above all it is an operator that supports responsible gambling. The game if it is not for fun is not fun. The game can be addictive, so please, if you suspect or sense that something is wrong, ask for help.

Luckia reviews opinions and regulated bonds