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TonyBet review our honest opinion

March 27, 2023

TonyBet review our honest opinion. The new operator TonyBet replaces the emblematic Circus after acquiring its license. Its journey in Spain began at the beginning of June 2022. Circus began its journey online in 2016, although it has been part of the industry for four decades.

TonyBet operates through EUROBOX, S.A.. Omnibet was born in Estonia in 2003 and a few years later, in 2009, it was acquired by poker player Tony G. This operator offers sports betting and casino games

TonyBet review our honest opinion

Why is TonyBet a secure site? Is TonyBet a scam?

One of the biggest concerns for players is to know if the casino meets the legal requirements to be able to operate in Spain and offer fun through its game offer.

TonyBet has all the necessary licenses to operate in Spain. So if TonyBet is the chosen operator, you should know that it has all the guarantees and security measures to enjoy in a safe and reliable environment.

General betting license:

LGEN/00012Licencia general otro juegos: LGEN/00013

Singular licences:

  • Roulette LSIN/00026
  • SLOTS: LSIN/00027

In Spain, the body in charge of regulating and granting gambling licenses is the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ). Online casino games and sports betting in Spain have been regulated since June 6, 2012. The DGOJ is a public body under the Secretary of State and the Ministry of Finance.

Games TonyBet Spain

TonyBet is an international Gaming operator that offers sports betting services, live betting, casino games and live games. Its success in Estonia has led it to open markets in the United Kingdom and in Latin America, Chile and Peru. It arrives in Spain with the hope of becoming a gaming benchmark and offering plenty of fun and entertainment.

This operator of Estonian origin has two main lines of business. Without a doubt, the main bet is sports betting. They currently have more than 30 different sports where they can bet both live and before.

However, we are going to focus on their casino offer. TonyBet has a modest catalog of slots and roulette games. Currently it does not have blackjack games, nor baccarat.

TonyBet slots

The new international operator has a modest portfolio of slot games. It currently has more than 200 titles. They are not few, but if we compare it with the competition there are not many.

However, those users who opt for TonyBet should know that they will find traditional slots and some more modern and innovative ones. Regarding the themes from film and television, adventures, history, fiction, sports,… There is a bit of everything.

They work with the following software providers, 1x2gaming, Bsg, Irondogstudio, Nolimit, Pragmatic Play and Tomhorn.

TonyBet has only been around for a few months and we understand that their offer will improve over time. Especially since in other countries the collection of games is more extensive and we understand that the same will happen here. We will be attentive to inform you.

TonyBet live games

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and developing. Gaming operators and software providers work together to offer quality services, innovative games and guarantee responsible gaming.

Live games have become popular in recent years and there is no casino that does not have a live game that meets the needs of the most demanding players.

The ability to play with a dealer from any device anywhere is a precious commodity. The excitement and fun is the same as in a physical casino.

The offer and variety of TonyBet is not very wide. They have a game of roulette. We imagine that little by little they will increase the list of live games.

Welcome bonus

“According to the Royal Decree of Commercial Communications 958/2020, casinos in Spain cannot offer bonuses to new players from May 1, 2021. Promotions are only available to players 30 days after registration and verification of the check”.

So if you want to get a welcome bonus or any other bonus, we recommend that you go directly to the operator’s website and there you can get all the information you need.

How to start playing at TonyBet?

If you want to open an account at TonyBet you should know several things. The most important is that lucrative gambling in Spain is only allowed for adults of legal age. Minors or people with disabilities cannot play or open an account.

  1. Enter the TonyBet website
  2. Click on register
  3. Fill in the form and deliver the requested and necessary documentation
  4. make a deposit
  5. Enjoy and play responsibly.

What happens to Circus customers?

As we have said before, TonyBet has bought the gaming license from Circus. They have been operating since the beginning of June 2022. Circus customers do not need to open a new account at TonyBet in order to enjoy gambling.

Any questions, contact the operator.

Payment methods accepted at TonyBet

What payment methods are accepted at TonyBet?

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

TonyBet app

TonyBet is starting in Spain and does not have all the services. In other countries it does have an app, however, in Spain it does not. The only way to enjoy your games is through traditional devices.

Own apps have become a must for online casinos. They are practical, safe and very comfortable and customers know how to appreciate it. We imagine that if TonyBet has an app in other countries it won’t take long to launch it in Spain.

Contact TonyBet Spain: Customer Service

Customer service seems to us one of the most important aspects of an online casino. It is a reflection of who they are and how they manage incidents and resolve conflicts. The loyalty and fidelity of a player depends on it. An excellent, efficient and decisive customer service gives value to the online casino. On the contrary, poor and ineffective customer service leads to disappointment.

The fastest and most efficient option is the chat. A direct and fast method. Although it is also true that the phone offers the same benefits. E-mail is fine, however, the immediacy is lost.

TonyBet has a mediocre service. It does not have a chat or telephone, but a form. A form that responds within a maximum period of 24 hours. Customers must wait too long to resolve doubts.

Markets in which TonyBet operates

This international operator has its origins in Estonia. It was there that it was born, grew and expanded. His growth was really fast. They knew how to create a perfect product for the Estonian public.

Later they made the jump to the United Kingdom, the mecca of the gaming industry (we hope the Nordic countries can forgive us). There they also found a market niche.

The next bet was the Latin American market, Mexico, Peru or Colombia. The last bet, Spain.

Pros and cons


  • new operator
  • Trajectory in other countries
  • Payment methods


  • no app casino
  • Shortage of casino games and live games
  • does not have chat

Our experience and how TonyBet could improve

The beginnings are always difficult and hard and more in the online gaming industry. Obtaining the license, publicizing the brand, building trust with customers, having a wide catalogue, understanding the market in question, relationship with software providers,…

TonyBet has just landed in the Spanish market and we believe that it is too early to make a comprehensive assessment. They need some time to adapt their portfolio to the clients.

It is true that they have 200 slot titles, but if we compare it with other online casinos, the offer is ridiculous. Although it is true that they have very interesting titles and they will surely be added.

Regarding blackjack and roulette, it would not hurt to add more titles. In the variety is the spice.

However, if something has really disappointed us, it is the customer service. We believe that it is necessary for it to be effective, immediate and fast. The form does not meet any of the three.

They do not have too many payment methods, but there are the most important ones.

An international bet that comes with great enthusiasm and we are sure that it will know how to adapt and adapt to the interests of Spanish players. If it has succeeded in other countries, why not here? We wish them well.

They have a long way to go to position themselves as one of the most important and influential online operators in the country, but tenacity, effort and perseverance are the keys to success. In addition to customer satisfaction. If they are satisfied, they will surely repeat.

What we did like is their commitment to responsible gaming. Gambling can cause addiction, responsible gaming is essential to enjoy entertainment and gambling.

TonyBet review our honest opinion. What opinion do you deserve?


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