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William Hill reviews opinions and regulated bonus

William Hill reviews opinions and regulated bonus Rese├▒a William Hill

William Hill reviews opinions and regulated bonus. The game would not be the same without William Hill. This gaming giant has been offering entertainment, fun and happiness to its users for nine decades. In 2020 it was licensed by Coljuegos to operate in the Colombian market, although it operates in 150 markets. William Hill is the property of ALFABET.

William Hill was an Englishman with an unusual business vision. A visionary of the game who knew how to make his passion his profession. We can affirm that William Hill is the most prestigious gaming operator in the United Kingdom and possibly in the world.

In 1934, the British company opened its first physical betting shop. Two decades later, in the 50s, William Hill had a whopping more than 400,000 clients/users. In 1998, they decided to embark on the digital world by launching their betting website. Currently, this physical and online gaming giant is present in 150 countries and has more than 17,000 workers. They have more than 2,300 physical stores, which represents 25% of the market.

For years the Colombian government has sought to offer fun and safe entertainment through betting houses and online casinos. To this end, it created a regulatory body in charge of promoting legal, transparent and, above all, responsible gambling. Coljuegos was created in 2011 and there are currently around twenty bookmakers across the country. One of them is William Hill. It is one of the last international operators to call in the country.

Answering the question of whether William Hill is a scam, at Secret Casino Tips we can guarantee that it is not a scam. It complies with the country’s regulations to be able to operate legally and offer quality services. So William Hill is a safe place. If you suspect the legality of any operator, we recommend that you go to the Coljuegos website. There you can see which operators are 100% safe and therefore reliable.

Concession Contract No. C-1611 of September 5, 2018 with expiration on October 30, 2023.

William Hill games Colombia 

Enjoy an unparalleled experience from the oldest bookmaker in the world. Since 1934 it offers fun, entertainment and happiness to its users. It is not surprising the good reception he has had in the country since his arrival. And it is that it is the only gaming operator that is present in 150 countries. word of william hill

As with most online operators, William Hill has two distinct market lines, sports betting and gambling. As you may suspect and you are not mistaken, William Hill is the bookmaker par excellence in the world. It has 25 sports to bet on, from the most traditional like football or basketball to other minority sports.

In relation to entertainment and games of chance, it has a really competent offer. It is true that the offer varies depending on the country. In the United Kingdom there are more slot games than in Colombia, however, the offer is surprising. It also has roulette, blackjack, baccarat, bingo games. An offer that lives up to what it is, a giant in the industry. They are aware of the importance of live games, which is why they have a special section for roulette and blackjack.

William Hill slots

What can we find in the William Hill slots section? Absolutely a variety of themed and slot games. To be considered the “father of the game” the operator must have an infinity of games that appeal to all audiences. And they have really succeeded.

Those slot lovers who choose a casino for slots can dive into an infinite sea of possibilities. They have more classic slots such as fruits and also the latest news and titles on the market. With just one click you can find out what new games are available thanks to the “new” section. Nothing resists them, not even history slots, movies, television, manga, fiction, animation, sports, mysteries,…

William Hill Live games

In the 21st century it is unthinkable to see a casino that does not have a live game. Operators are aware of the need to have titles and variety to please the most demanding customers in Colombia. William Hill has a special section where you can find some of its own titles.

william hill juegos en vivo

The offer is incredible and we don’t say it. If you don’t believe us, go to their website and see for yourself. It is without a doubt the operator with the most live games in the Colombian market. And it is that we had never seen such a wide range of live games. Most operators have a roulette game, here you have roulette, blackjack and baccarat. In addition to a section called “Show” and we are not going to give you spoilers, we want you to be surprised as we were.

Welcome bonus

What a great idea the person who invented casino bonuses had. We don’t know who he was but we have to thank him for his contribution to the gaming industry. A great idea, so great that it is still valid. An excellent way to introduce the operator to new customers and tie in existing ones. And it is that bonuses are a magnificent form of marketing.

It is well known that perfection does not exist and William Hill is no exception. Bonus, he has. Interesting, too. Enough, they are never enough (some will think). Currently they do not have too many bonuses. And neither welcome bonus.

How to start playing in William Hill?

At Secret Casino Tips we always appeal to individual responsibility. Gambling should always be a form of entertainment and fun, not a lifestyle. We know that everyone knows this, but it is worth remembering that online and face-to-face gaming is only allowed for people over 18 years of age. Otherwise, the account will be blocked and the player will not be allowed to play.

That said, let’s go to what we are interested in knowing how to start playing in William Hill. It is simple and fast. It is not necessary to have too much computer knowledge for this.

william hill registro

  1. Enter William Hill and access through “Register”.
  2. Complete the registration form correctly.
  3. The registration is formalized. Now you can start enjoying.y acceder a trav├ęs de “Registrarse”.

Payment methods accepted at William Hill

William Hill reviews opinions and regulated bonds has the following payment methods.

  • Dimonex
  • Efecty
  • Mastercard
  • PSE
  • Punto Red
  • Tpaga
  • Visa
  • physical points

Contact William Hill Colombia: Customer Service

To be one of the best in the gaming industry in Colombia and in the world, you need to have good customer service. It is not much use having a variety of blackjack and slot machines if there is not a department that can quickly and resolutely respond to user doubts. Nowadays, a live chat is essential to attend immediately and resolve customer doubts or complaints. And at William Hill they have it 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can also contact us by phone: + 57 (2) 345 05 26 and Email: [email protected].

Markets in which William Hill operates

William Hill currently operates in 150 markets. The question would be where it does not operate, don’t you think? What would you think if William Hill were alive today? The then empire of him is even greater. And not only that, recognized throughout the world for its transparency, consistency, responsibility with the game and the quality and variety of games.

Let’s start by naming the country where he was born, the United Kingdom. It also operates in other European countries such as Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Russia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Poland, Serbia, Sucia, Finland,… And in Latin America apart from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic… In Asia we highlight Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Georgia, Japan, Malaysia,… In Africa, Morocco, Egypt , Kenya, Angola, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania,… In addition to Australia.

Pros and cons


  • Trajectory and international reputation
  • Payment methods
  • slot games
  • live games
  • Customer Support


  • bond shortage

Our experience and how William Hill could improve

When a bookmaker is about to celebrate nine decades in the market, it is not by chance. It is because it really is a reliable, reputable, trustworthy and safe company. William Hill is without a doubt the King Midas of the gaming industry. Everything they touch, they make it an absolute success. It is no coincidence that they are present on five continents and in 150 countries. It is brutal what they have achieved. And it is acceptable to say it.

The interface is fast and practical and it is easy to navigate the web to find what you are looking for. Our experience is good. An international operator that have a variety of games of chance. In addition to offering an excellent chat service to answer questions and complaints from users. The payment methods are correct and the withdrawal method is simple. They do not hinder. So we can say that in our opinion, William Hill is a good option.

Another thing we like is that William Hill is committed to responsible gaming. Currently there is an awareness of the need for the game not to become a problem for the player. For this reason, the bookmaker makes exclusion tools available to you. Because the game should only be a form of entertainment, of fun, never a way of life. Please, if you perceive that you may have an addiction problem, go to professionals.

Perhaps to put a negative point to this giant of the industry, that the bonuses and promotions could improve a lot. As we have said before, promotions are a great way to attract new users and keep existing ones.


William Hill reviews opinions and regulated bonus, what is your opinion?

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