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Ruleta Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular classic games in physical and online casinos. A truly complex system created in 1645 by the French mathematician, theologian and physicist Blaise Pascal. Four centuries later, roulette has not changed its essence and continues to be one of the most complex machines at a mathematical and probabilistic level. And one of the games that most attract players from all over the world.

Learning to play one of the casino games par excellence correctly is one of the objectives of our team. In this roulette section you will find all the secrets, tricks, curiosities and tips to always learn and have fun responsibly. Find what your roulette system is, learn all the basic and advanced roulette tricks or basic terminology thanks to a detailed glossary.

The mathematical method to win at roulette is revealed in Secret Casino Tips. Look no further because on our website you will find everything you need to have fun and have a good time playing the most classic casino game.

Free Guides, Strategies and Tricks

In this roulette section you will find everything you need to learn how to play online roulette correctly. The most important thing is that all the tips and tricks listed are totally free. Our knowledge and our experience have allowed us to elaborate and make these articles that are gold.

Learning leads to success. Success is not achieved if there is no work, effort and perseverance. Luck in the game…

  • What is roulette? Who invented it?
  • Glossary and terminology. Discover, thanks to the glossary on roulette, what some of the most used terms mean and that they don’t give you cheese.
  • Best roulette tricks and secrets. Our goal is that anyone who lands on our website discovers and learns the best tips and tricks to play roulette correctly. In our articles we reveal the main keys for you to become an expert.
  • Incredible curiosities of this casino game. Roulette, as in the rest of the online casino games, has curiosities that are unimaginable. We are sure that many of them will pleasantly surprise you.
  • Difference between European and American roulette. Do they have the same numbers? Which of them has a double zero? What is played in Europe? Is it possible to play a game of American roulette in casinos in Spain?
  • Roulette guides and strategies. It is possibly one of the must of Secret Casino Tips. Before playing or opting for a strategy, we recommend that you take a look at all of them. Depending on your budget or your interests, one or the other will work better for you. What strategies can you learn about? Martingale, Fibonacci, Red Bet, James Bond, Paroli, D’Alembert, Parley, Ascott, Labouchere, advanced strategies, Romanosky.
  • Very surprising real cases. What are the biggest prizes that roulette has given? Do you know who Los Pelayos are?
  • Free Roulette Calculator.

Mathematical method to win at roulette

Discover the best mathematical method to win at roulette. If Secret Casino Tips stands out for something, it is for having an innovative and successful roulette calculator that determines the odds of success when placing a bet.

The European Roulette calculator is a sophisticated and exclusive advanced calculation software that allows you to improve the percentage of hits in roulette and, as a consequence, the winnings of the players.

The best thing about this calculator is that it is free, it is not necessary to pay a fee or register on the web to be able to use it. It is always within the reach of any player.

Free roulette tips, tricks, strategies and guides for playing roulette

Fibonacci roulette strategy

Fibonacci roulette strategy

La estrategia Paroli en la ruleta Paroli roulette strategy

Paroli roulette strategy