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D’Alembert strategy at roulette

La estrategia D’Alembert en la ruleta

The D’Alembert strategy at roulette was created by the Frenchman Jean Le Rond d’Ambert. D’Ambert was an eighteenth-century mathematician and philosopher and one of the greatest exponents of the Enlightenment movement. This French mathematician created a system to beat roulette that is considered safer and more effective than the famous Martingale strategy. D’Alembert strategy at roulette. 

D’Alembert strategy at roulette

Less risk, more benefits

The d’D’Alembert strategy at roulette is quite similar to the Martingale strategy, as it is a progressive betting method. However, there is a fundamental difference that this system requires fewer risks for the player and allows a higher amount of winnings. The player who uses this strategy must know that he must increase or decrease the bet based on arithmetic and non-geometric factors. Explained in other words, instead of doubling the bet when losing the hand, as in the Martingale strategy, the bet is increased by 1 unit when it is lost.

It can be said that it is a negative progressive strategy. This type of strategy is intended for outside bets that have a 50% probability of winning. As for example they are: black or red; even or odd; Bets from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36.

What this system shows is that the chances of it falling in red or black are practically the same. That is, even if during several games the ball stops in a red quadrant, this streak will end sooner rather than later and therefore the ball will stop in black. And it is there when benefits are obtained.

How the d’Alembert method works

From Secret Casino Tips we recommend that you start by betting a small amount on a color: black or red, odd or even, or numbers: 1-18 / 19-36.

In the case of losing a bet, you must increase it and vice versa, decrease the bet when you win a bet. If the lost rolls are the same as the ones won, using the d’Alembert strategy will make the player profit.


With a sure example that is better understood. Imagine that you decide to bet on this method and your initial bet is 1 euro in the red. The first game you lose, you increase the bet by one unit. In this case in the next round you would bet 2 euros on the red and you also lose. Based on this system in the third round, you would bet 3 euros and in this case, fortune is on your side and you win. When winning a bet and according to this strategy, you must decrease a unit, therefore, you would bet 2 euros and you win again. At this point you decide to leave the game.

The final balance would be as follows: -1 -2 +3 +2 = +2 The profits obtained during the game would be two euros.

So it is important to consider the number of times you win and lose. The moment the number is the same, it’s time to fold and enjoy the gains made throughout the game.

It is effective in the long term?

In the long term, neither the D’Alembert strategy at roulette is 100% effective. However, the knowledge of it makes your bets safer and the risk of loss decreases. This type of strategy works based on the results that precede them. It is true that if the ball has fallen 7 times on a black square, the chances that it will fall on the red color are more than considerable. However, it is just that, probability. No one can assure or guarantee that this will be the case. In fact it could fall back into black to the player’s disgrace.