Roulette is one of the quintessential casino games. In 1645 the French mathematician Blaise Pascal designed the most complex machine at the probabilistic level. However, as the patriarch of Los Pelayos said centuries later, “any machine is perfect” and neither is roulette. Today we break down the Infallible methods to win at roulette.

Roulette is much more than a wheel, a ball and 37 or 38 squares. A truly complex system that despite the centuries has not changed in its essence. Blaise Pascal designed one of the most complex machines on a mathematical and probabilistic level and four centuries later he still is. Some players wonder if the numbers are haphazardly arranged. In Secret Casino Tips we assure you that nothing is accidental, but that everything is thought and meditated by the French so that all the numbers had the same chances of coming out.

How to play to win at roulette?

  • Learn the irregularities of roulette. As we have said previously, Gonzalo García Pelayo found that no machine is perfect. He and his family unseated casinos around the world thanks to the irregularities of physical roulette. It is important to emphasize that this option is only valid for physical roulette. With online roulette there is no possibility.
  • Apply statistics and mathematical knowledge. As in any discipline, roulette requires study and effort. Luck in gambling does not exist in the long run. Obviously some players have become millionaires thanks to a game in which luck had a key component, but in the long run it does not work.
  • Learn the betting guidelines system to cover as many as possible. The more numbers you play, the higher your chances of hitting it. It is a way to win at roulette when you do not have an extensive background or enough experience.
  • Make color or column bets. It is an easy way to win at roulette and get it right. It is related to the previous point, since the chances of hitting are high.
  • Use the casino bonuses. Take advantage of casino bonuses, welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, birthday bonuses, … to play, experiment, learn and win at roulette.
  • Play in demo mode. Although it is in the last position, it is no less important for that. A great and foolproof way to win at roulette is by playing. And what better than to play, experiment and test methods or strategies without having to touch our bank.

How do you know what to bet on at roulette?

Studying, learning and practicing. The secret of success is sacrifice, determination and knowledge. As we have said previously, luck in betting does not exist. Most of the players of the games of chance enjoy some good streak. However, good streaks don’t last forever, just like bad ones.

Knowing and learning the discipline will allow us to bet safely, consciously and responsibly. Play roulette, blackjack or slots, always do it responsibly. And there is no greater responsibility than knowing what to bet on.

How to win money at online roulette?

We recommend that you take a look at the 10 tricks to win money at roulette. A magnificent article that offers the exclusive keys to getting it right. It is likely that you know some tricks, but surely some of them had gone unnoticed or you simply had not noticed.

  • Set limits.
  • Stick to a budget.
  • Demo version.
  • Roulette strategies
  • Roulette RTP
  • Know the types of bets
  • Outside bets
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Responsibility in the game

How much is the most you win at roulette?

How much is the most you win at roulette is, without a doubt, the million dollar question. The most googled question. Any user or player dreams of winning a stratospheric prize. And there are some who have become a millionaire thanks to roulette. However, roulette wheels have a maximum bet that depends on the casino itself.

To date the biggest jackpot awarded on a roulette wheel is £ 2 million, around 2.3 million euros. The feat happened in 2004 at the London Casino and the lucky one was Philip Green.

Instead, the record for the highest win made on a single bet is held by American Ashley Renell in 2004. He decided to bet $ 135,300 on red, the ball landed on number 7 and won. He got $ 270,300. The feat took place at the Casino Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas.

Are there Infallible methods to win at roulette?

There are no Infallible methods to win at roulette as such. What does exist is work, tenacity, effort and perseverance through learning and knowledge. Do not believe someone who says that he has the magic formula that will make you win. The infallible method to win is the one that best suits you. Through experience you will discover what it is. It is a trial-error, hence the advice that we have previously provided. Always play responsibly, that’s the best method.

Different game systems:

Roulette Calculator

At Secret Casino Tips we have a roulette calculator. It is a sophisticated and exclusive advanced calculation software that allows you to improve the percentage of hits in roulette and, as a consequence, the players’ winnings. The best thing about this calculator is that it is free, it is not necessary to pay a fee or register on the web to be able to use it. It is always within the reach of any player.