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Mathematical methods to win at roulette

March 20, 2023
Mathematical methods to win at roulette

Mathematical methods to win at roulette. Do you want to know a simple and safe way to win money playing roulette? We have good news and it is that the mathematical method is your best option. Find out what mathematical methods to win at roulette exist and how these game systems work to get enough of an edge to allow you to make a real profit.

Mathematical methods to win at roulette

If there is a game loved by a large part of casino users, it is roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular classic games in physical and online casinos. A truly complex system created in 1645 by the French mathematician, theologian and physicist Blaise Pascal. Four centuries later, roulette has not changed its essence and continues to be one of the most complex machines at a mathematical and probabilistic level. And one of the games that most attract players from all over the world.

Learning to play roulette correctly is one of the main enclaves of success. There are mathematical methods to win at roulette and today we discover some secrets, tricks, curiosities so that you can learn effectively and it is possible to obtain some benefit. Playing for playing is not the best way to face roulette, it is best to know the techniques and systems.

How is the roulette table arranged?

Mathematical methods to win at roulette. One of the aspects to take into account is the roulette table. Some users believe that the composition is random and does not matter, this thought is wrong and far from reality. The roulette table is an important part of the game that you need to know in order to be successful in the math method. It is made up of the numbers from 1 to 36 and a zero (in European roulette) or two zeros (in American roulette). It is interesting that the player memorizes its structure to understand the mathematical method thoroughly.

Métodos matemáticos para ganar en la ruleta

Calculate your odds and potential payouts

To apply the mathematical methods to win at roulette correctly, it is necessary to understand how the payouts and odds are calculated. To determine the payout for any roulette bet, you must multiply your initial bet by 33 and then divide it by the number of winning chances. On the other hand, to know the odds in your favor in roulette, you must divide the number of results in your favor by the total possible results.

Let’s see an example that surely is better understood. The player decides to opt for a color bet, that is, bet on red or bet on black. What does it mean and what benefits does it have? Of the 36 numbers, not counting zero or double zero, there are 18 possible outcomes in favor. 18 numbers that allow you to win that roll. That means there is a 90% chance of winning the bet. If we translate it into money, it means that for every 100 euros wagered, you get 133 euros (your initial bet multiplied by 33). Obviously taking into account that the ball falls in the chosen color. It is important to remember that this varies depending on the bet placed; not all bet type payouts are the same.

Set a win and loss limit

Métodos matemáticos para ganar en la ruleta Mathematical methods to win at rouletteMathematical methods to win at roulette. Before starting to play it is essential that you establish a loss limit. Each player has a budget and should never exceed it. The game is safe as long as limits are set and budget is important. Set a win limit and a loss limit to maximize your chances of success while playing roulette.

Setting win and loss limits allows you to control the large losses associated with roulette playing with a low bankroll. Setting limits means that you accept your ideal risk level before each session, allowing you to get the most profit without exposing yourself to the danger of over-betting.

We also recommend setting a profit limit per session. In the game it is as important to know how to win as to lose and, above all, to understand when it is the ideal moment to retire, whether you have won or lost. To do this, it is as simple as previously determining the number of rounds you want to play and setting the limits before starting. Decide on any predetermined amounts in advance and keep a mental list of your previous earnings and update it where necessary. This will help you focus on your goal without losing anything other than the money you set aside to play roulette.

Demo games and virtual money before playing

Do you know what is the best way to learn to play roulette? The practice of it. The best mathematical methods to win at roulette is to practice it and for this there are demo games where you can practice without having to invest real money. It’s a great way to get familiar with roulette and practice the perfect math method before placing real money bets.

Using the demo version of the game allows you to get good results without risking real money. Practice is the key to success. The better you know roulette, its system and how it works, you will play more effectively.

Virtual money is an excellent way to determine the best strategy to follow. This offers you the opportunity to evaluate the possibilities and understand more and more how the game works without risking your capital. Also, if you lose your first bets in practice mode you incur no real loss. Therefore, before winning at roulette using a mathematical method it is important that you first practice with virtual money to gain experience and prepare yourself for a sure win.

Verification cards to improve results

Mathematical methods to win at roulette. To go from being a beginner to an experienced player is not difficult. The best way is to use tools like verification cards. Check cards are widely used by expert players to keep track of what has happened at the table so they can guess the underlying mathematical pattern. This is very useful as it allows you to see results before betting, helping to minimize losses as long as you trust your chosen strategy.

Using a check card allows you to set profit targets and minimize losses. This is done by marking the lot on the board at the end of each round with an X if it comes out, and an O if it doesn’t. From there you can mark with vertical and/or horizontal lines those lucks that are more likely to appear due to the underlying pattern. Although results can still vary, this mathematical method encourages the identification of optimal patterns to understand the dynamics of the game and maximize your chances of really winning at roulette.

Mathematical formulas to win roulette

Doyne Farmer 

Mathematical methods to win at roulette

Mathematical methods to win at roulette. The American J. Doyne Farmer is a scientist and mathematician of complex systems who made millions in profits thanks to a mini computer in the 70s. After several years analyzing roulette, he managed to find out where the ball was most likely to land.

To this day, Doyne Farmer’s invention is on display at the Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum in Germany. The mini shoe computer is one of the most amazing and captivating inventions invented to unseat and win at roulette. The American studied physics at Stanford University and later physical cosmology. And it was there that he felt a fascination for games of chance that led him to investigate how roulette works.

The shoe computer

His goal was to understand how roulette worked and thus create a prediction system. Together with his partner Norman Packard they founded a group called Eudaemonic Enterprises with which he managed to win at roulette. The profits obtained were destined to scientific research. They also designed and created the first portable digital computers in order to win at roulette.

In order to carry out the pertinent investigations, they bought a roulette wheel. After a laborious study that took an extensive period of time, they obtained a precise formula. For this they used the periods of the roulette wheels and the rotation of the ball.

The formula was so complex to remember that they decided to build a computer. This feat was accomplished in parallel with Apple’s first desktop computer. Doyne Farmer hand-encoded the three kilobyte program for the computer in machine language.

From when the dealer launches the ball until the bets are closed, it usually takes around ten seconds, enough time for these two math geniuses. In those few seconds they were able to measure the ball’s position, speed, and even its rotation. They did this by pressing the shoe-mounted switch with their toe. Hence, this invention is known as the shoe computer.

The computer used this information to try to guess where the ball would land. This information was transmitted to the person in charge of placing a bet at the last second. Despite some hardware issue, they managed to perfect the technique and gain a 20% advantage over the casino.

Los Pelayos

The Pelayos: "Any machine is perfect"

Mathematical methods to win at roulette. “No machine is perfect.” This statement was made by the family patriarch, Gonzalo García Pelayo. The inventor of the method predicted that casino roulette was imperfect.

In order to carry out and verify the theory, he decided to go with his children to the Casino Gran Madrid. Each of them was placed on a roulette wheel to write down the winning numbers that were entered into a computer program that performed simulations. And that’s how they detected the imperfections of each roulette wheel.

They discovered the ball landed more frequently on some numbers than on others. So once he discovered the error of each wheel, he would let the rest of the group know. One of the family members bet on that number and they made huge profits.

During the Barcelona Olympic Games (1992) the García Pelayo family got a whopping 70 million pesetas (420,000 euros).


These are some mathematical methods to win at roulette. Do you know any other?

Mathematical methods to win at roulette.Mathematical methods to win at roulette.  Mathematical methods to win at roulette.


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