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The biggest roulette jackpots

Los mayores premios de la ruleta The biggest roulette jackpots

Blaise Pascal invented one of the best entertainment games of all time, roulette, in 1645. A ball, 37/38 numbers, and to spin. Illusion and passion to succeed! Do you know what have been the biggest roulette jackpots in its history? Is it easy to get a good prize?

Roulette is fun, passion and entertainment in abundance. The magic of roulette is still intact four centuries later. What does roulette have to attract so many players around the world? Players can currently choose different ways to play roulette, whether in person at the casino, delayed through online operators or live, a way to feel the excitement from anywhere. Roulette is much more than guessing the number where the ball will land. It is not easy, although for some it is. The well-known Pelayo family managed to break down the technique and become millionaires. A few days ago we made you aware of the history of Balvinder Shambi. In four centuries many roulette players have managed to get a good pinch. At Secret Casino Tips we explain the biggest roulette jackpots in recent history.

The biggest roulette jackpots in history

1. Pedro Grendene- $3,5 millons

Pedro Grendene, The biggest roulette jackpots. In January 2017, Pedro Grendene lived a historic moment when he bet the chilling figure of $35,000 and won nothing more and nothing less than $3.5 million in French roulette. This haunting and fabulous feat took place at the Conrad Hotel, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

The Grendene family is known in Brazil and throughout the world as they are the owners of the legendary brand of Ipanema sandals. Grendene is a Brazilian businessman with a strong background in mathematics and probability. As we have explained on occasion, knowledge, learning and technique are basic to obtain good results.

The fortune of this Brazilian allowed him to have a very high bankroll, however it is always necessary to play cautiously and with a budget according to our standard of living. Never gamble if you can’t afford to lose.

2. Philip Nigel Ross Green- £2 millons

Philip Nigel Ross Green, is another of the biggest roulette jackpots. Philip Green is an English billionaire known for being one of the men who has won one of the biggest jackpots in roulette history.

In 2004 he lived one of the most special nights when he pocketed ┬ú2 million playing European roulette at London’s Casino Les Ambassadeurs. Months later he again won another million pounds.

Money makes money, surely you have heard it on many occasions and it is so. This Englishman is the owner of Arcadia Group, one of the most powerful fashion and food groups in the UK. It is important to play any game of chance responsibly. Philip Green can bet large sums because he has an incalculable fortune. Respecting the budget is the key.

3. Mike Ashley- £1,3 millon

Mike Ashley, one of the biggest roulette jackpots. Mike Ashley’s life changed forever in 2008 when he won ┬ú1.3 million at roulette, a stratospheric amount thanks to his magic and knowledge of European roulette. This incredible event took place at the prestigious Fifty London Casino.

The biggest roulette prizes in history have a common denominator and it is the financial position of the winners. Mike Ashley is one of the richest men in the United Kingdom, in fact, according to Forbes, he is ranked number 15 among the richest in the country. Founder of Sports Direct, (co)owner of Newcastle United or Rangers FC.

Ashley is an avid roulette player and a man who likes to have fun. His favorite number is 17 and that night in 2008 brought him great fortune. He bet several times on his fetish number with the luck that the ball landed on the chosen number. To win £1.3 million he needed to bet £480,000. Nothing is random.

He remembers to always play responsibly and prudently.

Do you know about the biggest roulette jackpots? 

No responsibility no game

Gambling can be addictive. That is why from Secret Casino Tips we demand prudence and appeal to individual responsibility. Gambling is a form of entertainment, not a way of life. If you think you may have gambling problems, we recommend self-exclusion.

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