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Tragaperras Slots

Slots machines are a relatively recent invention. This extraordinary, complex and entertaining invention is attributed to the American Charles Fey. In 1895 Charles Fey devised a slot machine with a system and mechanism very similar to the current one. However, he called it Liberty Bell, or what is the same bell of freedom.

Years later, this genius invention was absorbed by a company, H.S. Mills (The Mills Novelty Company), which at that time was already manufacturing slot machines. The popularity was such that in the early 30s, H.S. Mills sold around seventy thousand units. And the benefits were over 20 million dollars. A stratospheric number in the 1930s. Since then, slot machines have acquired a very special place in games of chance. Currently, casinos offer a wide, varied and extensive catalog of products with different themes with best software providers.

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