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12 tips to beat the slot

12 tips to beat the slot

Here are 12 tips to beat slot machines. The best tips and tricks for anyone to face the bank and unseat it.

12 tips to beat the slot


1. Find out about the operation of the slots

Learn how slot machines work and choose the right slot. The operation of the slots is the same in all of them.
Before you start playing, decide which slots you are going to play based on your preferences and needs. You should know that there are free or trial mode slots. A great way to learn about slot without having to bet your money.

2. Bonuses and promotions

Use the bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. All casinos offer new player welcome bonuses or loyalty programs to incentivize players to keep playing.
A tip is that before starting to play carefully read the characteristics of the bonus or promotion, its rules and restrictions.

3. Play slot with high RTP

Avoid low RTP bets and bet on the highest payout percentage. It is a statistical percentage that is calculated by dividing the money the player wins in the game and the money he has bet during that time. The average player win is calculated to be 96%.

4. Analyze the payment tables

Choose games with the best Pay Tables. Most online casinos have tables where the user can see the payments that have been made previously for each game. Use this information for your benefit. Thanks to these tables you will be able to know which are the most advantageous, which give the most prizes, what types of prizes: high or low, …

5. Your bet must always be the maximum possible

Set the maximum bet. To win big, you need to bet big. Easy right? It can be summed up by saying that the best strategy to win is to choose the maximum bet.

Betting the maximum, depending on the budget of each player, increases the chances of winning large sums of money. And on the other hand, it is the only way for the player to win a progressive pot. In general, slots only allow you to win the maximum prize if you place the maximum bet.

6. Double the bet

With an outside bet: red / black, odd / even, 1-18 / 19-36 the odds of doubling the prize increase by 50%.

7. Volatility

Reduces the number of prize lines, increases volatility. The less number of game lines, the greater volatility it will have. With an example it will be clearer. You decide to bet 5 euros on a line. Obviously the prize average will be higher than if you bet 50 cents on 10 lines. However, the payout table prizes will be lower. To win a jackpot, you must bet a single line.

8. Always play the same game

It is recommended to always play in the same slot. This increases the chances of success.

9. If you win a jackpot, play another slot machine

When winning a JackPot it is advisable to change games. If you have been lucky enough to win a grand prize, we recommend that you switch games. It is not because you cannot win another pot again, but because the prize will be low and you will not win much money.

10. Never bet the money you win

Betting what is won is not a good option. I advise that if you win money in a game, withdraw it and do not gamble that money. The chances of losing it are high. The best thing is that you withdraw, turn off the devices and celebrate your victory.

11. Play on a closed budget

Set your own game limits and have a closed budget. Before you start playing, decide what your budget will be. And keep that decision firm, even if you are on a streak and believe that luck smiles on you. If you have won
. !! Congratulations!! It is the right time to go, collect your winnings and enjoy victory. Be realistic, even if you have won one, two or three times in a row, it does not mean that you will win a fourth. What’s more, there are many possibilities that you lose and enter a losing streak.

In the event that you have lost, from Secret Casino Tips, we also advise the same, abandon. If you no longer have your initial budget, quit. Close the device and rest. Don’t try your luck that day

12. Never play under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.


12 tips to beat the slot. Other things to keep in mind that nobody had told you and you need to know:

  • It is a myth to believe that the slots are programmed and they distribute prizes each determined number of rolls. As we have explained in other articles, random number generators are used.
  • It is not true that slots cannot offer a prize after seeing a grand prize distributed. Number generators are used. Slots do not need to store a certain amount to offer a prize. It is chance that determines it. What is true is that statistically it is unlikely, but there is a possibility that it will happen.

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