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Basic slot glossary

Basic slot glossary

Regardless of whether you are an experienced player or an inexperienced player we consider it essential that you read the following article. At Secret Casino Tips we have put together a basic slot glossary. We have classified the basic concepts alphabetically. Clear, concise and precise definitions. A must-have item for playing and winning slot machines.

Basic slot glossary


ACTION: It is the amount of money that the player bets in a period of time, which includes the money he has won or lost.


BIG BERTHA: son máquinas enormes cuya finalidad es captar la atención de los jugadores.

BET: The sum of money the player spends on each spin.

MAXIMUM BET: maximum bet is the maximum amount of credits that slot machine allows to play for each spin.

MINIMUM BET: when we refer to the minimum amount of credits that the slot machine allows to play.

BIG HIT: only used when the player gets the winning jackpot combination.



CASHBACK – Refers to rewards given to casino club card players

CAROUSEL: is a group of slot machines arranged consecutively in an oval or circular shape.

COLLECT: Some slots have a button or option that allows the player to convert their credits / coins into real money.

COMPS: These are rewards in the form of a bonus to obtain gifts such as free accommodation, meals or other services.

CREDITS : in slots you play with coins and each coin corresponds to certain credits.

COINS: is the money used to play slot machines. You can play from one cent, one euro, five euros, ten euros, …



DEMO SLOTS MACHINES: Free slot versions available to play without having to bet real money.

DRUMS: they are plastic or metal structures with icons drawn on the surface and activated by pressing the button or lever.


JACKPOT: is the cumulative prize of the slot machine. Jackpots often accumulate large sums of money.

LINKED PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT┬á – This is the jackpot of two or more linked slots.



HIT & RUN: Describes a specific type of player. He is a player looking to find a hot machine to win the prize. These types of players start by playing on a slot machine and if they don’t get a prize, they switch to another until they find one that gives them a prize.



LINE: are those payment lines activated with multiple payment lines. In general, maximum bets are played when all the lines of the game are activated.

LINE OF PAYMENT: you will find all the information about the prizes. These will be determined based on the winning combination, the different symbols or details of any bonus round.



MICROGAMING: game provider.

MULTILINE: the bet falls on a large part of the possible payment lines and thus have a better chance of winning.

MULTIPLIER: is a symbol that multiplies a profit by a certain amount. This term is associated with free spins, scatter symbols, or another special symbol.


NETENT: game provider company since 1996.

NEXTGEN GAMING: game provider since 1999


PLAYTECH: casino game provider.

PLAY’N GO: casino software development company.



RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR (RNG): Through microprocessors random random numbers are generated. Each spin has a randomly chosen number. The RNG is the body in charge of regulating the laws of the game.

REELS: they spin inside the slot machine and symbols or icons appear on each of them. Slots usually have three or five reels.

RTP (Return To Player): specifies the profitability of a slot machine.



SCATTER: is a symbol to activate a winning combination even if it is not part of the payline. It has a bonus part when giving away free spins, bonuses, access to games, …

SLOT: is the Anglo-Saxon term used to refer to a spin on slot machines.

SLOT GRATIS: slot o juegos de tragaperras con los que poder jugar de forma gratis.

HOT SLOTS: is a type of slot machine that has a higher percentage than usual when it comes to distributing prizes.

COLD SLOTS: refers to a slot that takes a considerable time without giving out a prize.

SPIN: This is the way to activate the spin to start the game. At the online level it is a button that must be pressed and in physical casinos a lever must be operated.

AUTOMATIC SPIN: through a function the number of spins that the player wants to play is automatically established.

FREE SPIN: As the term itself indicates, it is an additional free spin that is given to the player at the slots. It can also be known as a bonus round.

SYMBOLS: they are the symbols of the slot machines. In the old slot machines were the fruits, the bell or the number 7. Currently thematic symbols are used depending on the theme of the slot machine.


FIXED VALUE: they only allow one type of bet. In this type of betting the number of lines, coins per line or coin value is determined.

SLOT VIDEO: they are slot machines that use computer screens to display virtual reels. They have a digital format.

VOLATILITY: The volatility in the game is an indicator that determines the regularity with which the game distributes prizes.



WILDS EXPANSION: This is a special wild card that increases the chances of winning.

WIN: Refers to the money the player earns after his game.



ZIG ZAGit is a concept that describes a multiple payline. In the past, you could only win if the payline was straight or diagonal. Currently, payments with zigzag lines are allowed.


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