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What are the paylines in slots?

¿Qué son las líneas de pago en las tragaperras?

If you are a fan of the world of slots, you will surely have heard or read something about the pay lines. But what are the paylines in slots? and why are they so important?

Slot games are made up of certain elements to take into account before playing. When choosing a slot, we opted for the theme, the prize or jackpot, the number of reels, the RTP … and of course also the pay lines. And it is that the paylines largely determine the real probabilities of obtaining a prize.

What are the paylines in slots?

Paylines are combinations of symbols that award prizes. Depending on the slot there will be more or less paylines and therefore, more chances of making a profit. In other words, the greater the number of paylines, the greater the chances of getting a winning line.

For example, bar slots typically have three reels and a single payline. That is, to get a prize it will be necessary to align three equal symbols. As a general rule, it is more difficult to get a prize.

On the other hand, in online slots the chances of winning a prize multiply. The slot developers have created infinite possibilities, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, … and even zigzag. Obviously, the operation of online slots is more complex, however, entertainment and fun are guaranteed.

The functionality of online slots is the same as traditional slot machines. To get a prize it will be necessary to get a combination of symbols, generally adjacent. In general, the required combination runs from left to right.

How many paylines do they have in the slots?

You are probably wondering how many pay lines are on slot machines. The answer is that there are slots with a single payline and a maximum of 243 pay lines. Obviously, the higher the number of paylines, the lower the prize. So those slots with a single payline have a higher payout, but getting it is more complex. It is true that the more paylines, the more likely there is to get a prize, it is lower and vice versa.

An example of a slot with a single payline is Money Heist. Although it seems incredible, the creators of Skywind Group have developed the slot and it only has one pay line. On the contrary, a slot with 243 paylines is Narcos. NetEnt created a slot based on drug trafficking and Pablo Escobar.

How are payment lines activated?

Depending on the amount that is wagered on the slot, a certain number of paylines are activated. However, those games with 243 pay lines, it is likely that the casino requires a minimum bet per spin to be eligible for all pay lines.