What is slot jackpot? Slot players long for the same desire, to get a jackpot, even once in a lifetime. Gambling sympathizers dream of being Jon Heywood. This british man took the biggest jackpot at Betway Casino, over £ 13m playing Mega Moolah. If it cannot be several million, at least take a pinch and feel the adrenaline of victory. However, what is the jackpot in slots? Are there different types of jackpots? Is it so difficult to win a jackpot?

A large majority of users who are fond of casino games choose slots. The digital age has made this game popular among gamers. No need to go to a casino or a bar and have a game anymore. Today, technology allows us to play here and now. Play from a computer, a tablet, a mobile or if the player prefers it in person.

What is the jackpot in the slots?

The jackpot is the maximum prize that a slot machine or slot machine can give a player. To get a jackpot, first of all, the player must choose a slot that has a bigger jackpot than the maximum paid by the slot machine. Second point is perhaps the most complex, and that is to get the jackpot symbols to appear on the same line of play. If these two premises are united, the player achieves the desired jackpot.

Jackpot types

Variety is the taste and more, if we talk about slot machine themes. Classic, history, cinema, television, sports, manga, adventure, horror, animation, popular characters, … In recent years, the development and creativity to achieve genuine and surprising slots has not stopped. Nowadays, the creatives of the companies are able to recreate any event, character or movie and turn it into practically a work of art.

Amazing, genuine and fun slots there are many. However, what really interests the user are the prizes and the higher the better. For this reason, operators endow some slots with interesting and millionaire prizes. Obviously, not all slots house £ 13m. It would be the ruin of online casinos.

There are two types of jackpots, fixed and progressive. Below we will detail and explain what fixed jackpots are and how they differ from progressive jackpots.

Fixed jackpots

Slot machines with fixed jackpots always offer the same prize. Regardless of the times it is played or the users who decide to cast luck in that specific slot, the prize is not modified. To get the pot, we must bet the maximum amount allowed in each game and wait, pray, beg to get the winning line.

Progressive Jackpots

This type of jackpots are really very interesting and those that allow you to get big prizes or money. Progressive jackpots are more frequent. How do you get such a high pot? It is very simple. Every time a player places a bet, a part of that bet is deposited directly into the pot. The more you play, the higher the pot.

Secret Casino Tips

It is impossible to determine when the boat will be delivered. Algorithms impossible to decipher. Some players have managed to win big jackpots by betting only five euros. Sometimes a slot can give two jackpots in a row, in a short period of time, or be months and months waiting for a player to find the correct line.

As we explained in the previous paragraph, slots are machines designed with systems that cannot be deciphered. And it is without a doubt, the great claim. Not knowing when a slot machine is going to jackpot makes the game a unique experience. Furthermore, players always have the same chance of winning the jackpot. A player can play a slot for years without taking the jackpot. And a player can play for the first time and take the coveted prize. For this reason, it is important that the player is not obsessed with the game.

Really getting a jackpot and going down in history and making headlines is not easy. However, it does happen. Not too much or too often. Slots should always be mere entertainment. Playing responsibly is the first rule.