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What is the Random Number Generator

May 7, 2020
What is the Random Number Generator

What is the Random Number Generator? RNG is a random number generator that is made through a computer program. Through microprocessors, random numbers and consequently the symbols are generated. These systems and algorithms are used to guarantee the total equity of each player who plays online. This ensures that all players have an equal chance of winning. There are external companies tasked with testing the software for the improbability of cheating.

Thousand-digit numbers consisting of 5 trillion digits are used. They are used as the starting point of the algorithm. The final number is generated by complex sequences of mathematical actions. The algorithm generates a combination before the player presses the button and the roulette wheels start to move.

How do casinos use Random Number Generator?

The RNG is used for virtual games. In the case of slot machines, casinos assign a value to each of the symbols on a reel. Perhaps with an example it is better understood. Imagine a 5 reel slot where each reel has 12 symbols. In this case the RNG through microprocessors will create a value of 1:12 for each of the 5 reels. And how do you win? The user will be able to take the prize when they get the 5 “random” symbols to form the winning combination.

What measures are taken to ensure the reliability of the RNG in online games?

Any licensed casino has software that has been tested by an outside company. These external companies guarantee through consultancies that the gaming law is complied with and that everything is legal. Among the evaluations carried out by the RNG are: payment verification, live dealer reports, sports betting evaluations, poker audits and security audits, etc.

These types of verifications guarantee the transparency and veracity of online games. On the other hand, it is guaranteed that the games are not influenced by other variables. These variables can be the number of credits, the amount of the power payment, the VIPS cards, etc.

This type of periodic checks confirm that the slot meets the minimum payment percentages established by the gaming commission authorities.

It should not be forgotten that casinos need to use this type of mechanism and be transparent with their players, since reputation and transparency are their fundamental pillars. Let’s take an example: Imagine that a casino decides to cheat games, it won’t take too long to find out. The moment it comes to light, there will be no player who wants to try their luck. Players will flee in terror to play at other casinos.

What happens if you want to make a change in a game?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you cannot make changes to a slot without notifying it. If you want to modify any aspect of the game, you must follow a procedure. The first step to follow is to notify the changes made. Second, the changes are approved or not. Finally, the inspectors will verify that everything is correct and that it complies with the regulations. Of course, all this procedure is done before any user can access that game again.

Now you know what is the Random Number Generator. So if you want to play any slot you should know that your luck depends on a random algorithm.

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