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What is volatility and why is it so important?

what is the volatility

The bank always starts with an advantage and the player is disadvantaged. It is important to keep this in mind. However, you can and can unseat the bank itself. And from there arises an essential concept to earn money in the slot, volatility. In this article we are going to describe what volatility is and why it is so important when choosing and playing a slot.

What is volatility in the game?

The volatility in the game is an indicator that determines the regularity with which the game distributes prizes. It is expressed through a percentage and is a great indicator that allows the player to know the real chances of winning in a given game, to know which one is more profitable in the long term or which game pays dividends more regularly.

By knowing the volatility, the player can choose those games that allow him to obtain higher profits. In the end, volatility is the risk that each player wants to take on his play. Also taking into account the budget you have and the time you want to spend.

An important component in the game is chance and volatility is an indicator that may not always work 100%. So sometimes even following the same logic you can win or lose.

Volatility types

      • High volatility: refers to those games that do not distribute prizes for long periods of time. However, when you win, the amount of money is very high.
        It is a type of game suitable for people who have a high budget, time to dedicate to the game and a lot of patience to get the prize.Example: The Game of Dead game by PlayÔÇÖnGo is a game with high volatility.
      • Low volatility: refers to those games that distribute prizes more regularly. These awards are smaller but more frequent.
        It is a type of game more suitable for those who do not want to take such a high risk, have less budget and time to play.Example: If you want to play a low volatility game, take a look at NetEnt’s Starbusrt game.

If you want to play and test the slots, some casinos have a trial mode or a free slot as well. A great way to know if you really want to bet your real money or not. Now, you know what is volatility and why is it so important.

Eva Arroyo

Author: Eva A. T.

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