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The Pelayos: “Any machine is perfect”

May 5, 2020

The Pelayos: “Any machine is perfect”. Anyone person in the gaming industry have heard the Garcia Pelayo surname. This Madrid family managed to circumvent the sophisticated roulette system and dedicate themselves professionally to unsetting casinos during the 90’s era.

The Pelayos achieved the dream of any player, to win, win and win again in casinos around the world. During the process they managed to raise a very important sum of money. Like all success, it requires effort, dedication, perseverance, perseverance and study.

The Pelayos: “Any machine is perfect”

The Pelayos: “Any machine is perfect.” This statement made by the family patriarch, Gonzalo García Pelayo, is the origin of the success. The inventor of the method predicted that even Swiss watches were flawed and consequently flawed, casino roulette was also flawed. So even if it were some tiny imperfection, this could change the results.

In order to carry out and verify the theory, they decided to go to the Casino Gran Madrid every night. The patriarch went with his sons Vanessa and Martín. Each of them was strategically placed on a roulette wheel and the winning numbers were recorded after each spin. Later these numbers entered them in a computer program that carried out simulations. Thanks to this program they detected the imperfections of each roulette. They discovered that depending on the roulette the ball fell more frequently in some numbers than in others.

Strategy means money

By checking the system, other family members decided to participate. The García Pelayo went every night to the aforementioned casino and each of them for 6 hours wrote down the numbers that were coming out in each roulette. At 6 o’clock, another family member revealed the shift. In this way they covered the 12 hours that the casino remained open daily.

Gonzalo García Pelayo was in charge of entering the data into the computer program and determining the numbers most likely to win. So once he discovered the mistake of each roulette, he would let the rest of the group know. One of the relatives bet on that number and they obtained great benefits.

As a curious and significant point and to show the success of his method, during the Barcelona Olympic Games (1992) the García Pelayo family achieved a whopping 70 million pesetas. An exorbitant figure for the time. Currently we would be talking about 420,000 euros.

The fall of the empire

In this life there is nothing infallible, the García Pelayo patriarch well knew. If Swiss watches had a slight error, so did their method. And the workers of the Casino Gran Madrid began to suspect the fate of the family. And the awards were abundant and constant. At first the casino decided to change the location of the roulette wheels or even make them spin faster. However, the Pelayo method still worked perfectly. And it was not a question of location or speed, but rather an error in the roulette mechanism. So finally Casino Gran Madrid decided to veto all members of the García Pelayo clan.

The casino veto was not an obstacle for the Pelayo, who decided to try their luck at other casinos in Europe. So the family packed their bags and tried their method in different casinos in the Netherlands, Austria and Denmark. As you can imagine, the success of the method was enormous. The figures being considered are stratospheric, 250 million of the old pesetas. Today we would talk about a million and a half. Of course the value in the 90s has nothing to do with today. Like Casino Gran Madrid, European casinos decided to ban any member of the García Pelayo family from entering.

American Dream

The fame that preceded them in Europe and especially the veto in casinos, made the family cross and try their magnificent method at the Olympus of the game, Las Vegas. So the entire family moved to the United States. In order not to be discovered they decided to change their identity with wigs and using different accents and thus be able to circumvent the security of the casinos.

However, the American dream came to an end. One night fortune smiled on the patriarch. Gonzalo García Pelayo bet on number 19. A number considered to have a low probability of success. However, that night the ball fell up to three times. The professionalism of the inventor of the method made him not flinch the first time the ball fell and achieved a million dollar figure. The same thing happened when the ball fell the second time. Everything changed the third time the ball fell at number 19 and that is that Gonzalo García Pelayo vanished and fell to the ground.

Obviously, the family rushed to her rescue and aid. Thus, the people in charge of the casino found out who were the members of the group who won over and over again. The excess stress caused the blood to not reach the brain and suffered a loss of consciousness.

The García Pelayo’s American Dream came to an end.

Currently and after years of trials, the García Pelayo can enter casinos.

The inventor reinvents himself

The brilliant and analytical mind of this genius had another great idea and that was to develop professional methods related to online poker. To do this, he created a highly recognized academy among players. Juan Carlos Mortensen began his career with Gonzalo García Pelayo in said institution. Further the rest of the relatives are still related in the world of gambling.

The fabulous story of The Pelayos

If you want to know first-hand the history of this Madrid family able to unseat casinos from around the world thanks to their roulette method, you can do so by reading the book  La fabulosa historia de los Pelayos. For filmlovers, they can watch the movie  The Pelayos

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